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very clearly radiohead. i would like my view to be challenged.
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Radiohead in every possible way.
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This is not even a question. Radiohead are a unique and amazing band. Art.
Radiohead without a doubt, much more skilled musicians and it shows in the albums. Oasis's music's same-ish whereas Radioheads has changed time and time again. Not many bands can successfully experiment has much as they have, just look at Kid A and Ok computer both 10/10 albums.
Radio'ed, without doubt. That's not to say I dislike Oasis, though.
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Oasis hands down, radiohead are boring as ****
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Love both bands, but Radiohead win hands down for the fact that they have evolved and experimented with new music (compare Pablo Honey to Kid A and see hear the difference), whereas Oasis stagnated and made essentially the same album god knows how many times
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You know my answer to this.. :shifty:
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radiohead of course
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Original post by Doyle&TheFourFathers
very clearly radiohead. i would like my view to be challenged.

That is impossible, cant challenge greatness :biggrin:
Original post by Go Away
That is impossible, cant challenge greatness :biggrin:

well that solves this problem :tongue:
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Original post by Bubbles*de*Milo
You know my answer to this.. :shifty:

Haha, I was curious about what everyone else thought too :colondollar:

Original post by pamelaa

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Original post by democracy
haha, i was curious about what everyone else thought too :colondollar:


you and i are gonna live forever......... Im freeeeeeeeee to do whatever iiiiiiiiiiiii
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Oasis. I've grown up listening to them and they are brilliant. Yes they have done some Piers Morgan songs but the amount of top quality songs they've produced over the years can only be matched by the likes of the Beatles surely.

I genuinely couldn't think of one Radiohead song off the top of my head so I've been browsing youtube and heard about 8 different ones and they're all distinctly average and I was suprised that they're of similar ilk as someone above said they keep changing their style. I wouldn't say Oasis have one specific style, they like to do a whole range of different genres.

Really suprised by the overwhelming support for Radiohead but each to their own and that I suppose.
I don't see why Radiohead and Oasis are compared all the time. Their music's so, so different. Radiohead literally goes for a different and experimental sound with each album. Oasis... well... yeah... don't.
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Come to think of it I've never seen Radiohead and Oasis compared before. Surely they're not all that comparable really? Completely different musically.