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    I was wondering if somebody could give me some help with this matter; I want to study a photography degree, though i'm considering Digital & Lens Media (Herts) too. Anyway, i know that really i should complete the Foundation Art year before this ontop of my a-levels, i accept this. On my ucas form so far i have put a deferred entry for this, and a non deffered entry to the uni i want to apply to just in case i can get in without. My worry is, after looking over my GCSE results and AS's it doesnt look too promising even with a deferred entry:

    Eng Lit - C
    Eng Lang - C
    Religious Studies - D
    German - C
    Information Tech - G (yes, terrible i know.)
    History - B
    Mathematics - D (But i resat it at college and got a C)
    so Mathematics - C
    Art - D
    Science Double - CC

    I got a Key Skills L2 PASS

    I took up AS ICT alongside my A2 subjects. I got an E in Psychology AS, again terrible, especially as although my MTG was an E, the teachers said i was working towards a B level. So i'm resitting my exam in january. and photogrpahy i got a C AS. This year, ive been working really hard to get my act together, my photgraphy teacher has said so many good things about me and my work, my psych teacher said she was surpised at my last result and thinks if i revise properly i cna achive at least a C. and IT is where im doing well too. So im hopefully aiming for Photo=B (id accept a C, but i beleive i can get the B), pych=C and IT AS-C.

    The Uni's i'm looking at are middlesex to do photography and herts to do digital and lens media, i think i have a strong portfolio especially this years work so far.

    What i want from you guys please is a personal opinion, you think i could get in? middlesex is my first choice, my tutor has noted my PS is really good, my teachers are pushing me and encouraging me to exceed this year but even as i write this i feel like crap because i know my results arent all great at all. I see myself as average, i guess im looking for reassurance from you guys? or whether any of you had similar results and still got in? anything of relelvence or advice is GREATLY appreciated. I see myself as an average student at the most, im not expecting the major uni's like you guys, i'm no A grade student, but this year im really trying, as i say if i dont get in this year which i doubt unless they percieve my photography portfolio to be good enough, then i'll be doing the Dip Art foundation for a year to boost it all. As i say, any advice, comments, queries, relevent experiences etc anything at all please.

    What's Middlesex's entry requirements? You should be able to study art/photography somewhere with BCC.
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    middlesex just say, an a level in art and design or similar at C or above plus C in maths and englisg gcse and a good portfolio.

    remember i should have atthe end two full alevel and 1 AS.

    i knowmiddlesex dowsnt have a great rep, but what are the reasons for that rep? also from what i see, the art dept seems ok.

    Is this for the foundation year that you're applying and deferring?
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    no, i was applying to the BA Photography or BA Digital & Lens Media, i know my grades aren't at all good compared to some ive seen here. I know i should do the Foundation Course on top of my a levels which i probs will. But i was going to defer the BA courses so i could use the year to do my foundation, but after ringning the unis they said i gotta have the required grades by aug 06 for them to count. so it looks like im applying this year with little chance of getting in, but its worth a shot, and then reapply in sept 06 when/if i enrol in the foundation dip course.
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