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    can anyone help me answer some of the following questions from book one:

    in what ways does the divine juno show herself to be very very much like a human being?

    who do you think orontes, amycus, lycus, gyas and cloanthus might be?

    why are the trojans sometimes referred to as Teucrians?

    as a supporter of Troy, venus feels what compensation for the destruction of that city?

    who, according to Virgil, founded the city Padua?

    why does venus feel it is unfair that antenor should be so successful?

    who is the "one" referred to by venus (35.2)?

    who is the "cytherean" and why?

    Ilioneus, in his speech to Dido, reveals two ancient names for italy. what are they?

    in asking for acceptance of his shipwrecked Trojans Ilioneus uses both a threat and an appeal. what were they?

    who is "Iulus" mentioned by Ilioneue (44.9), what third name did he have?

    in what way was dido's "fortune" like that of aeneas (46.9)

    why does venus use the stratagem of replacing ascanius(iulus) with cupid?

    virgil refers to dido as "the unhappy phoenician...condemned to sure destruction (49.5) and "the doomed dido" (50.6).
    these expressions refer to her future unhappiness and death as described in book four. what is the name of this literary device.

    Why do I get the feeling you've not read the book?
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    I have read the book, twice. Iam just not so good at understanding expecially when theres more to the means...

    All those are basic comprehension questions, not taxing interpretation (OK, the last one's different: 'name this feature', which is "prolepsis"). You just have to sit down with the book and work through the list, copying out the relevant information. Unfortunately, nobody will answer them for you because this is a really, really boring thing to do.

    Do the numbers you give refer to page/line in a particular edition?

    erm...do your own homework


    In what way was dido's "fortune" like that of aeneas (46.9)?
    They were both forced out of their homeland and built new cities...there I helped you with one. Now go and read the book ok.
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Updated: November 21, 2005

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