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    I'm in year 11 and was wondering when I'll be asked to choose the 4/5 subjects for sixth form.

    At the moment I have decided on taking:

    But not sure about:

    ICT- Is there any demand left for it anymore? Everyone I know is doing it!
    psychology- I'm really intrested on the human mind, but people keep telling me its a 'girl' subject.
    sociology- same as above
    Chemistery- Is it as difficult as they say? (I'm currently predicted BB for double science)

    Any info would be awesome

    You should be getting the choice around march

    I got to an all boys school and they dont offer psychology or sociology lol but that doesnt make it a girls subject

    Chemistry is quite hard but depends on your determination to work hard and do some extra background reading - i have a friend who got BB for double science and then broke the school record for chemistry so dont be disheartened to take a levels just because you dont think your gcse results aren't good enough.

    Hmm if i was you i wouldnt take ict unless you want a job based around computers

    I wouldnt do psychology and sociology because apparantly they are quite similar subjects.
    What do you want to do after after A-levels.

    Sociology and Psychology (and sometimes ICT) are sometimes (unfortunately) regarded as "mickey mouse" subjects, but (looking at my Sociology class) that there are only 3 boys out of about 21 people...but if you really want to do it, then why not?
    It depends what you want to do in the future, but I'd say that in general, Chemistry is more useful than ICT, unless of course you want to go into an ICT related job, but usually the sciences can be used to go into many professions, not just the science ones. It's even possible to go into Law with 3 sciences.

    Good luck

    you need to really serious about taking chemistry, it is veeeerrryyyy hard (depending on the course) i would advice aagainst IT cos you can there are so many ways to gain experience in computers you don't need to use up one of your "slots" on it. E.g Computeach etc. It sounds as if you like things like phycology, i dont't know anything about phy + soc but soc is probably more of a mickey mouse subject than phy

    I did soc last yer, and found that it was incredibly repetitive. To get the high grades you need to work, but like psych, you will probably find a lot of people in the class will take it because they think its easy (we got comments, such as after studying Marx and Marxism for three weeks someone turned round and said: 'so was marx actually real? Marx is like a real person'). Soc doesnt have a lot to do with human mind, its just a lot of theories on how people live.
    Chem is hard, but it is definitly worth it if you are in to that sort of thing.
    Like people have said before, I would advise against ict, especially if you have a qualification in it already, unless you want to go into a computer related job.

    Unless you really love ICT as a subject, it's probably not worth taking it as you can easily learn all the stuff on your own just by using your home computer. There are a lot more girls than boys studying sociology at my school (and probably psychology as well) but if you're interested in it, who cares? I can't speak for psychology, but sociology is a great subject. I've heard chemistry is pretty hard, but as long as you enjoy it and work hard at it, you could still get a good grade. I'd probably go for biology over human biology because it seems to open more doors in terms of degree courses etc and would complement chemistry nicely. I wouldn't recommend doing more than 4 ASs unless you're sure you can handle it because it would be a lot of work. So biology, chemistry, geography and either psychology or sociology (psychology would probably go better with your other subjects) might be a good combination.

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