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Help with TOK presentation please! watch

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    I have chosen my title to be: "The role of social media in the 2010 and 2011 middle east and nortern africa protests".

    I really dont know what knowledge issues to choose though!

    Any ideas pelase? Any advice?¨

    Thanks a lot.

    This is the post I had on someone else's topic a few weeks ago:

    "The point of the ToK presentation is to take an issue in real life, derive a knowledge issue, investigate the knowledge issue WITHOUT referring to any real life scenario, then apply the new understanding back to the original topic and a few other topics.

    I would choose the second. If I were to do it, it would go something like this:

    Introduction: Talk about ethics (briefly)
    1 minute

    Knowledge Problem: How do we distinguish between moral actions in Africa and immoral actions? (give an example)
    2 minutes

    Knowledge Issue: How do we distinguish between moral actions and immoral actions? (NOT in Africa, the discussion is theoretical, do NOT give an example)
    1 minute

    Investigation of the Issue: Talk about how we can distinguish between morality and immorality - discuss perception, emotion, reason here. (Again, NOT giving examples here, entirely theoretical)
    4 minutes

    Conclusion of Knowledge Issue: What conclusion did you come to? What is the best way of determining between morality and immorality? Should we be combining ways of knowing or using only one? Come to your own conclusion and state it clearly: "I will distinguish between morality and immorality by using ... and considering..."
    Is your way of distinguishing morality/immorality absolute? If not, when is it not and how will you cope with it?
    2 minutes

    Application to original topic: Use your new-found ideas to come to a decision about your original topic.
    1 minutes

    Application to new topics: Think of 2 at least other areas to apply it to (probably entirely unrelated - medical ethics?) and apply it to these in the same way
    1 minute

    And that gives you 12 minutes which you will be struggling to cut back on "

    Obviously you need to change it based on your own topic. You need to give some more background to your idea for me to help you more. What specific example have you come up with? How is knowledge involved? Once you've answered these questions, I will help you think of ideas.
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    Actually I've decide to change it to the role of foreign media instead of social media. My examples are that the countries where press has easy access, there has been a more successful revolution than in those with limited foreign press access. I thought knowledge is involved because it perhaps might not be ethical because who knows which side in the conflict is right? do we have so much insight to be able to jude?

    but otherwise im struggling to think of knowledge issues :/

    thanks for that post and any help is much appreciated.

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