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Hi everyone --

I'm an international applicant for Bsc Econ. I just received my offer last Friday so everything's still pretty much an exciting-***-nervous blur but now that I think about it, I really don't know what to do :confused:

You see, LSE is my top choice for the UK (I applied to a couple US schools as well) -- but to be frank, I know nothing else about the school except 1) it's academically awesome, and 2) I met a couple really cool people who went to LSE (this being the main reason I looked up the school in the first place).

So I'm lost -- can someone help me?

1) Is there any real advantage in regarding LSE bursary support (there is a high chance I can't afford the school without it) if I firm my offer or send in the support application early before the deadline?

2) Would it be unethical to request to be released from the firmed pool if I find that I've been accepted to a US school w/financial aid? (LSE is awesome...but expensive)

3) Accommodations: I've been trying to find out more about student housing, but in my case, it really boils down to pretty much how much it costs (damn the filthy lurcre! :rolleyes:). I know it's pretty much a lottery after a certain point, but do you think there is a tangible benefit in paying 20-30 pounds more per week for, say, a twin en suite at High Holborn over Bankside? I know that individual preference are a major factor in deciding where you like, but I'm curious to know if there is a felt correlation on how much you pay (for the same type of room, of course) and the quality you get.

Thanks all!

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3) Accommodation is a lottery so don't think that you'll get one of your preferred halls; in reality you can change halls if you try hard enough (it might just cost more and affect your social life if you get put in a postgraduate wing).

It's hard to know whether you should pick LSE without you telling everyone else your US choices. There aren't a great number of places better to do it in the States though.

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