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hi there,

okay, so I have got offer for PPE from Lancaster and Essex. I was/am pretty set on Lancaster, mainly for the rankings, but just read this (Wikipedia):

The University uniquely in the UK achieved top 5* rankings in the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) for the three core social science disciplines - economics, government and sociology - with government and sociology upgraded to the new 6* grade. Due to the University's high RAE ratings in Government, Economics and Philosophy, it is widely considered to offer the best and most prestigious Bachelor of Arts of Philosophy, Politics and Economics in the United Kingdom.[21]
I am affraid this is kind of a stupid question, but since I am not from Britian and the rankings are for the Unis in general, I feel it a little difficult to really find out which Uni is better, I would be extremly grateful if some of you could kindly give me a few hints on this decision.

Thanks in advance

ps. I hope this is correctly placed, I have seen a number of similar posts, but none seemd to fit my question exactly...

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