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Well I know people get bored reading these so I'm offering a long version and a short version!

I'd like to know if anyone has ever been away (I'm thinking of going to America) to take a summer course with a university or institute in a subject that they enjoy. How did you organize it? Who did you do it with? Did you get a qualification? Was it expensive? How did you organize accommodation?

Basically I'm really fed up with my current uni situation. I'm in the repeat of my first year, and it's not going much better. I woke up this morning with the firm idea that if I had a plan for the summer that I could work towards (which would hopefully gear up my studies and make me work harder) as well as get excited for, it might me help out of my downwardly spiraling rut.

I'd like to go to America (I'd love to go to New York!) and take a summer course, maybe that I could get some kind of qualification in (just to make it a bit more cv boosting). At the moment I'm thinking photography as I used to be creative and love art, but my current degree doesn't leave much time for anything but reading. I'm not a photographer and never have been, apart from the usual drunken night out photos taken on a bashed up digital camera, but I'd love to learn a new skill that I could turn into a hobby. If I didn't do photography I'd like to take a writing course or maybe even a language...just anything to get me out of the UK for the summer and doing something productive.

I've looked all over the internet, but seem to be going around in circles!!:confused:

I'd love to hear from anyone who has ever done anything similar to this, going to America (or anywhere else) for the summer to do a course, or to work (maybe I could get a job to fund some shopping while I'm out there too) how they organised it, if they enjoyed it and any other useful information like price! Any info would be much appreciated!

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