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I recently applied for the fast track entry into teaching and was not given any indication that if I was unsuccesful then I would have to apply through the normal route as well. I decided to apply quite late just because I had never considered teaching before and so I didn't have time to really consider this. No one from the fast track team even spoke to me and the application form even said if you are unsuccesful then would you still consider the normal route etc. They notified me that if I was unsuccesful then my details would be passed on to the GTTR. I thought great, no probs. So I was very pissed off when I rang the fast track team after being rejected and they said it was not their problem and I would have to speak to the GTTR. The GTTR said that it had nothing to do with thema nd I should speak to the fast track team! I have now had to apply late and after the deadline because no one could be bothered to warn me that this might happen. Has anyone else had problems like this?
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well honey, you have had a rough time and i hope things work out x
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