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Since last wednesday afternoon, I have had a really bad headache alongside a sore throat.
On Thursday, things started to get a bit worse and i relaised that my tonsils had swollen - i felt great pain everytime I swallowed any saliva. The pain was close to unbearable in a morning (guessing because throat gets really dry when asleep?).

Because of this, i basically stopped eating meals from Thursday onwards.
And im guessing this is why i became really weak, couldnt focus on anything and the headache became worse - i basically stayed in bed all day every day from thursday to Sunday. It was my intention to make an doctors appointment today, for today.

However, after forcing myself to eat a warm meal yesterday and move about a bit, i fell significantly better, and didnt bother with the appointment. Even though i still have no appetite.

BUT for the last 2 nights I have woken up around 3 times in the night and had to change the sheets on my bed due to the amount I am sweating.Literally wake up wet through.
Stupidly i told my parents all of this (im at uni) and they are demanding i still go to the doctors.
All i want to know is wether the sweating is a sign that the fever is going or if it could mean things are about to get worse - i.e. doctors appointment is needed.

Thanks for any help
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Sounds like rabies.

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