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AQA Maths AS - stats or mechanics module watch

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    My daughter wants to do AQA Maths AS next year but is unsure whether to do the stats or the mechanics module. Any advice?

    At the moment, she has put herself down to do mechanics, but a couple of people who are doing it say it is horrible and they hate it, so she is wondering whether to switch. She likes the 'physics' bit but doesn't want to take the full AS, and also thinks she has had quite a lot of Stats, having done a separate GCSE in it.

    She is doing well at GCSE, and is getting top marks in Maths, Stats and the sciences - predicted A*s. For ASs, she is planning to take Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Geography and History.

    I'm not familiar with the AQA sylabus I am afraid, however if it is anything to go by the edexcel course then I would say that most people find stats easier than mechanics, however you get a satisfying feeling once you begin to grasp the mechanics concepts.

    Either way have a look at what each module contains and I'm sure that will help you/your daughter come to a solution.

    I'd say go for whatever she feels most comfortable with. Having done stats at gcse this would probably be the better choice.

    They're both good exams, though Mech is only really easy if you do physics.

    Do stats, get her this : http://www.google.co.uk/products/cat...d=0CEQQ8wIwAg#

    And she'll get 80%+ Easy.

    It's completely okay for all exams. Does a lot of the course.

    If she needs any help using it, feel free to PM me.

    PS. I got 90% In AQA M1 and 85% In Stats 1, so I feel I can say
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    Cool, thanks for all the advice.

    I think she prefers the Mechanics, although she is not going to do Physics. I did Physics at uni years ago, so it is vaguely possible I can help. I think she feels she has just done more than enough stats already - although it feels to me like it might be more useful for the Geog and Bio. I think the best advice is to let her decide and then try and help her as much as we can.

    Thanks again.
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Updated: March 14, 2011

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