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Hi, as the thread title says-I'm 18 years old (at Uni), nearly 19, and I've never even kissed a girl, let alone been in a relationship or had sex.

Would this not be a turn-off for a girl considering a relationship with me? HOw much of a concern should it be? I have thought of getting experience through ONSs (once I get back to normal health) but surely people who are up for an ONS would want an experienced guy too?

The thing is, though, that I am actually good-looking and I have always received a lot of attention from girls when I am around them, but I have had mental health problems from the age of about 13 onwards (I had Body Dysmorphic Disorder from 13 -17) and so missed out on a lot of socializing, meeting girls etc.
In fact, the problem is that even now I have mental health problems, so I still wouldn't be able to get a gf until I get back to normal (possibly a few weeks away).

Am I right to be worrying about this? Would girls be more sympathetic and more open to a relationship with me if I explained the 'unique' reasons behind my lack of experience?

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