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    Hello everyone. I am currently in my first year at Oxford studying an arts subject. Unfortunately I don't like it at all and have decided to switch to a much more interesting subject, biochemistry. I have already had another interview etc. and gained approval for the change (my A-levels were a mix of sciences and arts) and luckily will be able to start again in this subject as a fresher next year. However, some of the students I have spoken to have suggested that the biological sciences course may be more suited to my interests as its broader scope would allow me to study whole organisms and ecosystems as well as a lot of biochemistry anyway. I am especially interested in plants and would strongly consider going into plant sciences in the future, however I am not particularly interested in animals (this is not to say that I couldn't be, but unlike for plants I don't read many books or articles about them). Either way, I love anything cellular.

    Essentially, I would appreciate if anyone could offer their opinion on which course might be more suitable.

    I can only comment on the 1st year. If you go for biochemistry you'l have a good chunk of organic chemistry(you'l study alongside the chemists in the first year), and biophysical to do. Then you'l have MCB(metabolism, genetics etc(celly thingys :P)) and biological chemistry(proteins, membranes, carbohydrates, enzyme mechanisms etc). Plus a maths & stats course but the maths doesnt go beyond A-level really(goes into complex numbers for the x-ray crystallography lectures), its just in the context a scientist would use it in labs and to support the biophysics course. So there's a good amount(over half) of physics, chemistry and maths in there. All really important for understanding biochemistry - i suspect if you go for biological sciences, any biochemistry you do will be from parts of the MCB and biological chemistry courses. If these are the parts you like then i'd go for biological science, however if you really want to appreciate the physics and chemistry of whats going on then biochemistry is for you.

    This is from a biochemists perspective and i dont really feel qualified to comment on the other aspects of the biological sciences course!

    Take a look at the modulars offered on both course and see which ones suit you most. Thats how I chose my subject

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