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Periods Ruining my Life watch

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    (Original post by SexyKe)
    I dont suffer as badly as you but a few things may help:
    firstly what painkillers have you tried? ponstan (trade name) aka mefanenic acid is about the best thing iv ever found. They put me on trefanenic acid too but that made them worse.
    secondly your hormones will level out an it will get better as you get older (i know that doesnt help much at mo)
    finally i know where you are coming from with the probs of taking hormones and you are not alone; im coming off them in a few weeks and im currently going through the trial of finding new method of contraception.
    How helpful is your dr?? If not very then change doctors or try the nurse, even better if you have local specialist clinic then try them; they tend to know way more about it.
    Well I'm mid twenties now, so crazy hormones are not the problem (I've been blood tested for that anyway, no luck).

    I didn't really mention anything about pain - I was almost passing out from feeling weak, you know, dizzy...so I avoid painkillers as they don't alleviate weakness as such.

    My Doc didn't want to suggest anything too extreme at first, has only suggested blood test a trying a new type of pill (which sucked and wasted my time because I felt grotty the whole time I was on 'em).

    Thankyou for your advice though.

    (Original post by alio~)
    Hiya, yea Ive blacked out twice due to period pain once at a bus stop once in college, they really hurt and make me panic no idea why though.
    Just think its only about 5 days a month so theres nothing stopping you from joining a club and just missing the sessions when your on.
    True, but its 7 days for me, and thats a very long time out of my life - I won't be able to take off the several days that I need from a full time job will I? And I love sports, but seriously what if an important match/fight (I like boxing) were to be booked on a 'heavy' day. I simply couldn't compete, plus do you know how embarrassing it is explaining all this to others? It's quite humiliating. I want to be totally void of this random rubbish that happens once a month.

    (Original post by Everdawn)
    Could it be a posibility that you have Endometriosis and need an operation?

    I know mine were making me so physically sick that id during them id faint and vomit and just be generally in a lot of pain and sick. I even fained once at uni becuase of the pain, turned out I had endometriosis, im currently on medication to try to shrink the problem, so basically i only have to put up for periods every 5 months for the next year and a half.
    Yeah I think I considered that, but the problem isn't strictly normal pain, its just feeling extremely weak to the point I'm near-fainting. So its the heaviness that concerns me over the pain of cramps.

    (Original post by ciara)
    Yes!! I went through that for years, and what made it worse was that all my friends didn't seem to understand, they all had what they termed 'heavy' periods which were nothing compared to mine! Luckily my mum understood, she'd had it even worse than me. I became anaemic through all the loss of blood so was permanently feeling faint and weak (you could well be too, perhaps have a blood test). Although weirdly I didn't experience abnormally bad pain, the heaviness was bad enough. I couldn't use a tampon, even the most absorbent ones, cos they would just leak after less than an hour (sometimes more like 15 minutes). And without getting too graphic, do you experience flooding? Where it all just comes at once? Eurrrghh, I'm really not good with blood and it was just so horrible.
    Yep I've had a general blood test and it seems I'm not anaemic, but my mother was and I always used to think I had it because of feeling so faint during my period and afterwards, maybe a re-test is in order. Flooding? Erm yeah *hehe* that happens almost non-stop for the first two days. Constantly having to visit the toilet is such a waste of my time!!

    But good to hear the happy ending, it certainly gives me more hope! Do you think if I outright said to my doctor - "Hey, this is my problem, heres what happened to someone who had exactly the same symptoms, can we do the same?" that she'd be ok with that? :O

    Hmmm, the injection huh? I'd love to try it but I doubt it'll work, and I don't have much time, I'd rather go with ciara's idea above!

    Thankyou for the suggestions also, Leisure17, and everyone else, I really appreciate it!!

    (Original post by Skips)
    But good to hear the happy ending, it certainly gives me more hope! Do you think if I outright said to my doctor - "Hey, this is my problem, heres what happened to someone who had exactly the same symptoms, can we do the same?" that she'd be ok with that? :O
    Yeah definitely, depending on how much of a control freak she is she might raise a disapproving eyebrow and say "well all patients are different you know.." but I should think she'll be ok with at least trying you on the medication I'm on. Don't let the doc put you off, make sure it's not passed off as 'just heavy periods', just go in there feeling angry that you should have to put up with it and you'll get more out of the visit! I should warn you that what I'm on doesn't work for everyone, about 40% of people maybe, but considering what you have to go through now I like those odds . I didn't hold out much hope but it was such an amazing improvement..tell me how you get on!


    Im not sure if this will help you but with me if I avoid eating any sugar I usually dont get cramps, but I know thats hard especially when the only thing you want is chocolate, instead try eating red fruits and drinking lots of water of course
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