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Is Anyone Part Of A Uni Air Squadron? What Is The Recruitment Process Like? Is There A Lot Of Competition And What Are You Expected To Know For The Interview?
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I was in one for 4 years. You begin with registering your interest at the Freshers' Fayre. A current member will check your eligibility, then you'll get a brief initial interview with one of the squadron staff members to check you're what they're after.

The next step is a formal interview, in your shirt and tie, normally conducted at the UAS' HQ. They'll select based on that, and the successful applicants will attend a medical at the Officers' and Aircrew Selection Centre at RAFC Cranwell.

Anyone who passes both sections will probably be in, although some UASes will send too many people to medical, planning on picking the best that pass that.

That's certainly the way we did it on mine. There can be anything between 10-50 applicants per space available, and they are hotly contested.

The initial interview won't assume knowledge; a little bit about the RAF won't hurt. They're more likely to just get a feel for whether or not you're the type of person the RAF likes rather than push you too far then.
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