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    Not sure whether this goes here or in the 'health' sub-forum but here goes...

    As in the title, I seem to have a complete lack of enthusiasm for most things in life. I've been told it since before I can remember, I'm a lethargic person.

    I've always managed to get by through life but now I feel that everything is beginning to run away from me and it's seriously affecting my studies. A-levels have hit me like a train.

    Last couple of weeks have brought mock and january module results. BCEU is what I've received, and I'm supposed to be looking at high B's approaching A in most of my subjects...I've been labelled "naturally gifted" dont you know :rolleyes:

    Could it be something clinical? Up until a few months ago I was fairly enthusiastic about fitness, but I quit the gym because I just couldn't be bothered anymore. I've read that a sign of depression is losing enthusiasm for things you once found enjoyable but I still kind of enjoy some things. Listening to music, watching and playing football, movies etc. yeah basically anything that requires little to no productive brain activity, hehe....Maybe I'm just bone-idle.

    It's just that every single day is like a marathon. Something to be tackled rather than enjoyed. I feel immensely detached from everyone around me and social interaction is barely a factor in my life. Sometimes during breaks or free periods at 6th form, with people around me seemingly enjoying life and having a good time, I can only sit and wonder how. I just cannot fathom how or why people just put up with plodding through life hour by hour with nothing much happening at all. What exactly is making you so enthusiastic about going to study statistics (for example) for the next hour?

    It all sounds kind of pathetic because there's actually nothing wrong with my life, I'm very privileged in comparison to most in the world and will have far more opportunities in life. I just feel like I need something to switch on in my brain. I'm struggling to explain how my mind works in words, and because of this I'll just feel like a fool if I attempt it in person, and that's why I've wasted your time in making you read this on here I just have no idea why I'm so damned lazy and can often barely manage the enthusiasm to get out of bed in the morning or have a conversation with schoolmates.

    Just needed to get this off my chest I guess. Any advice, suggestions and words of wisdom would be absolutely welcome. Thanks.

    " Naturally gifted " - stupidest thing ever made up

    100% of people in the world can get A*A*A*A* in every subject, however some people learn quicker, some people are lazy, stubborn, no motivation... which is what affects results.

    So everyone is naturally gifted, and given the opportunity.
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