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    Hello I am getting quite stressed out about which University to firm and insure as I am torn between the 2 and want to go to them both equally. I am torn between Bangor and UClan. So I thought I would ask current students at both Universities their views about the course to help me decide.

    I have been given an offer for the Clinical and Health Psychology course so if any of you do this course. What is it like?

    the course content looks really interesting in the prospectus it says you study about Mental illnesses in adults and topics like Eating Disorders and smoking and dieting. Have any of you done or are doing these modules especially eating disorders as this is a topic that I am really interested in and would like to pursue as a career choice?

    How much Statistics and research method modules do you do a week? Is it really hard?

    What are you finding interesting about the course and what are you not finding interesting?

    What is your workload like?

    Any help or input would be greatly appreciated thanks as I am getting quite worried and scared that I am going to make a decision that i will probably regret for the rest of my life.

    OMG I have received an offer from Bangor too for Clinical and Health Psychology it looks amazing and really interesting. So I made Bangor my firm insurance because the course looks amazing, the psychology department also they allocated me an email buddy on where I was able to ask her questions about Psychology at Bangor, and she said the stats are not all that hard, they are plenty of placements in the 2nd year, and workload is a mixture of coursework, exams, presentations etc. But, if I was you I would go to the open days and on their websites and see which uni really looks amazing for the course. But I choose clinical and health psychology because its different, so many people do psychology on its own and i think its nice to study psychology from a different angle.

    Currently, 1st years at Bangor complete one module each semester for research methods and statistics. This involves weekly lectures (stats and methods) along with small group seminars (mostly assessed by exams and practical projects).

    However, from what I hear, this is changing for next year and there will probably be an even greater focus on seminar-style small group work with fewer lectures.

    I've applied for this! It's a late application because I'm currently in uni but really don't wanna carry on with my course or stay here for another two years. I'm hoping I'm still in with a chance, fingers crossed I know how competitive it is!

    I'm a first year psychology student. Like a lot of Bangor students to be fair

    Well firstly health and clinical is no different to any of the other psychology degrees at Bangor until 3 rd year when you have to take the health and clinical module, even then you can still get a degree in straight psychology or specialise in a different discipline. I know too many people who have come here really excited by health and clinical only to get through the first year module and decide its not really for them. At the end of the day its really just what goes on your certificate. Nothing else is different.

    Anyway.... So far this year the modules i have done are...
    -Psychology as a Science- Not the most intresting but eases you nicely into essay writing and exams etc and so far my by best module in terms of grades. Lecturer is lovely also
    -Health and Clinical - Lecturer is fab, well I thought so, but the topic really bored me. Generally you have slightly differnt topic per 2 hour lecture (same for most lectures) so one week may be eating disorders, next week could be just differnt theories on health promotion
    -Brain and Mind- Easily my fav module so far, which I didn't think it would be. The lecturer is immense, hopefully you will meet him in welcome week as they put on mini lectures on various topics during then. The content was also really good. And you get the oppurtunity to hold a human brain!!! No other psychology undergraduate degree in the country lets you do this!!! Really weird but so much fun. Probably learnt the most in this topic but it was always fun.
    -Developmental - Really thought I'd love this module but how I was wrong! Only half way through so hopefully it'll get better!
    -Research Methods and Stats - Well it's changing next year so you don't actually really look at forumlas and how to actually carry out the statistics which, to be fair you never need to know how to carry out statistics just the theory behind it becasue the computer does it for you. Still weekly tests though but you get to do your first ever proper research project
    -Scientific writing - My worst module simply becasue I failed the assignments. They are big here on APA formating which is really really annoying and takes ages but supposedly it gets easier which I have to agree with to a small extent. The essays also annoy me because they give such vague titles. However presentation class (POPPS) is good and quite a laugh but you don't really do that till semester 2.

    You don't really get to specialise in specific topics but theres so many books and journals availiable for extra reading. The law libary (I don't know why there in law but they are) has a massive collection of books on eating disorders, mental illness etc. But you get to be more select in 2nd year when you chose your research project

    Finally workload is ridiculous little especially when compared to sixth form and most other students in the university. Because psychology is so big here we students generally get away with murder. We have some of the best facilities, nicest timetables and easiest workload. So as long as you don't leave things to the last min your be fine. But supposedly 2nd year gets a whole lot harder... :/

    What else???? Nightlife ain't great here and the novelty soon wheres off but in a way I like this becasue you socialise more with the people around you. Also the hills are a killer but you get used to it em... love the accomadation (I live up on Ffriddoedd site) love the fact I'm learning some welsh , surroundings are amazing, (sea on one side, mountains on the other) amazed by the friends I've found and just how much generally I love the place and the course

    Hope this has helped. Any more questions just ask And I'm a peer guide next year so maybe you'll end up in my peer group Never know
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