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    Please keep anon or delete.

    I think I am going mad.

    I am under extreme pressure from university and have exams this week and coursework and my eating problem has just spiraled out of control.

    I am just sat in my room crying because I hate myself and the way I feel.

    This is the worst my bulimia has been. I have been making myself sick for about 4 years but only a couple of times a month, now it is several times a week and I can't stop. Today I have eaten so much and stopped myself throwing it up and now I feel even worse and wish I had made myself sick.

    I feel guilty when I eat.
    I feel guilty when I throw up.

    What makes it worse is that my job outside uni is one where my weight matters (modeling) so this makes the pressure even worse.

    I don't want to go to the doctors and I don't want my family to know.

    Has anyone been through anything similar, does anybody have any advise? I guess I am just looking for some kind of comfort....
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    I have been suffering with Bullimia too for the past year. This year has been stressful and lonely for me and my comfort eating soared out of control. After the summer when I had lost weight, I was so worried about putting it back on that I started getting obsessive and throwing my food back up. You think to yourself, "just this once" but then it happens again and again.

    I think you need to take a break from everything. Don't let yourself get panicked about stuff that is out of control.
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    *your control
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    I've been struggling with bulimia for 9 years. It has been and is absolute hell.

    I would try and seek support of some kind - group, therapy etc from your GP or university. Even if you aren't sure about recovery, a therapy session or just a chance to let off steam can help over time.

    Sorry I can't suggest anything more useful

    You need professional support as soon as possible. You have a medical condition that needs proper treatment - the comfort you seek will start to come from that. Go to your GP or, ideally, your uni health centre if you have one. Please.
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