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    Hi all,

    I was wondering if someone could help me.. Basically i dated my ex back in Aug last year and we finished middle of Sept. He basically stopped talking to me for about 3 days and finished me over bbm for another girl that he apparently had wanted for ages? ive known him a sa friend since 2005 before we dated last summer.

    Anyway, he carried on talking to me and in december things went abit too far and we ended up meeting up and then sleeping together.. i thought he had finished with his gf he finished me for and this time would make us get back together.. however i found out later on that night (after we had..) he was still with her.. i felt awful as i dont want to stoop to their level etc, its not payback...

    So end of december, he goes very cold hardly talks to me or anything - so he deleted me off bbm and on facebook.. months pass.. and on the 13th feb i came home drunk and requsted to be his friend on bbm, he declined - felt an idiot in the morning but it was purely because i was drunk so it didnt bother me that he had done that.

    2nd of march he adds me, of course i accepted to see what was going on, hes talking fine to me? 2 days pass he offered to sleep with me like before if i wanted and sent me a dirty pic and wanted me to do things on cam.. which i refused point blank. Since then its just been normal convo, some days hes chatty others he isnt..

    but whats hes problem?
    Do you think apart of him wants me back but cant decide what he wants?
    Shall i just not talk to him until he talks to me?

    He's just horny, mate.

    Seems like he is just looking for a 'thing on the side' and you are just that.

    It sounds like you're better off without him altogether.
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    PS Helper
    Don't give him sex and don't get into any sexual activities with him.

    He is just horny.....

    Guys are always horny... :P (Speaking frome xperience... :mmm: )

    He seems to take advantage of the fact that you will give him time/sex/company...
    Id say stay well clear of him, but i know thats not the easiest thing to do.
    Honestly, he will just be using you because he knows he can. He will care for you etc but not in the way you'd prefer im guessing
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