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    sex =/= love
    BUT sex + love = the best sex possible (in my opinion)
    if you can't see how they link, you've never experianced it
    although i agree the term making love is cringeworthy
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    (Original post by insoms)
    In that case have fun getting used by jocks until you're old and tired and then going through a crisis because the young hunks don't find you attractive anymore and you don't get anymore attention all of a sudden
    jocks?! LOL. nah. I'll have sex with people I like, thanks. I don't just sleep with randomers...

    (Original post by Antonia87)
    Oh grow up.
    It's not being immature... I laugh when things make me uncomfortable, and hearing 'I love you' during sex would definitely make me feel uncomfortable! And I find it weird...

    (Original post by Arielle)
    I know what you mean, and I'm sorry you got negged so badly for this! I used to love my boyfriend so much, but HATED "love-making". For me, sex is best when it's raw, unadulterated passion. Not slow and staring to each other's eyes. Sure, I like to cuddle and spoon afterwards and hold each other's hands and say "I love you" then, but in the actual act itself, I completely agree with you.

    And you're not a whorebag (I think anyone who has sex is a whore by TSR's standards, anyway). You just have a personal preference when it comes to sex which is completely fine.
    Thanks! Everyone should understand I don't sleep around with random guys I don't know... I'm actually in the middle of a sort of 'fling' with a friend of mine... we have sex, but other than that, to the outside world, we're just friends. I trust him and care about him, isn't that enough? I don't see why relationships and love are necessary.

    (Original post by Nerol)
    It's not being immature... I laugh when things make me uncomfortable, and hearing 'I love you' during sex would definitely make me feel uncomfortable! And I find it weird...
    Your views arent immature, but laughing at someone during sex for saying "I love you" during sex is. And I'd imagine your other half would feel very embarrassed and slightly hurt by it, when they were just trying to say something nice.

    Some guy asked me to "make love" a few months ago and I did actually laugh in his face. Its such a sickening phrase.

    Its one thing having sex with someone you really love and care about and another to use corny phrases and continually tell the other person you love them during the act. I think having a strong connection to the other person makes sex better, but other than that I agree with the original post.

    It bothers me that people have sex without feelings or love: I feel they should go hand-in-hand... But I realise that's just me and many others don't share that viewpoint.

    I'm all traditional that way
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