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    I think the reason this thread got a rather stiff response is not because it's yet another example of other thinking and worrying about OASC, but the fact that the dining arrangements really should be the least of your worries.
    You have to ask the question... does it really matter? You're going to get fed, and you're going to eat with a group of people who on the most part you're never going to see again. End of. I would advise you spend your time more wisely.
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    Contrary to what some people appear to think, all of us who are serving and post here want people to do their very best, excel at OASC and enable them to get in to a competitive, challenging and fulfilling career. We do not mince our words and give very direct advice. We post here to stop you fretting over the niff naff and to point you towards what matters to ensure you put your efforts where they will get the best return. If you cannot take direct advice wrapped in mild sarcasm, I have no idea how you'll cope down the line. It gets worse, sorry.

    Just as I thought, you all stand by what you do. Fair enough. Since I don't want this to drag on, I'll make this my final comment on the matter.

    Firstly, this is not the RAF, this is an internet forum!!!!!!

    But even if the RAF is like this (which in the main has not been my experience), it doesn't make your behaviour okay. Just because you've seen it, or even be part of it, it doesn't make it right. And coming here, passing the buck, and saying "well that's how it is, so get used to it" - well, I'd call that weakness - an inability to stand up for what's right. Perhaps you've even been subject to such sarcasm and rudness yourself, and hated it, and now it makes it all better that you can dish it out again to helpless newbies. I'd call that being insecure.

    I have no idea how you'll cope down the line. It gets worse, sorry.
    Of course it does! I appreciate rudeness and sarcasm has it's place - such banter is absolutely essential when working as part of a close, operational unit in the RAF. But as I just said, this is TSR, not a front line unit! It's not fun for the newbies at the recieving end, and nothing good can come from it. It just tars RAF Officer's with the "egotistical, obnoxious and insecure" brush.

    I view as correcting an error that could end up saving the guy for looking for a sign to a place that doesn't exist.
    Now I'm really, really testing my imagination here, so I'll pretend for the moment that you actually were concerned about chris-d-lpool getting lost trying to find the mess (bearing in mind you arrive on the bus that drops you outside the front door with 25 other people looking for the same thing, you then get briefed, and given a map). Well, next time, perhaps you might bolt this on? You know, just so it doesn't seem so rude? Surely with over 5000 posts on TSR, you're aware of how context can be lost when comminucating with text.

    I can assure you that we are all at the polite and informative end of the scale of what you will meet if you join up.
    The difference between the hard nosed, sarcastic types in the RAF who are set in their ways, and you, is that they arn't here claiming to be all righteous about how great they are helping people. I stand by my opinion, that there is NO NEED TO EVER BE RUDE OR SARCASTIC TO SOMEONE ASKING A QUESTION.

    I feel valued - thank you. At last.
    I don't know if that's sarcastic or not, but I'll re-iterate something from my first post: your contributions here have been, and will continue to be, valued highly. I learned a lot from Wzz and company when I went thorugh, and there's now an archieve of great, helpful info for anyone willing to look, thanks to you guys. This is also the reason I rarely post: because on the rare occasions that I do log in, my questions have usually been answered in more depth than I could provide.

    Anyway, enough. Feel free to make comments about me, or this message. Feel free to think you've "won". Maybe you could even tell the next hot girl you meet, I'm sure her clothes will drop off right there on the spot. But if so, remember that there are no winners here, just losers - the people who come here in genuine search of help, and are subjected to your sarcstic, rude comments when you don't approve of the way they do things.

    Wow this has dragged on a bit. I think anyone has used this forum regularly and tries to input their own information will appreciate what some members on here have done. I was wrong when I posted earlier and was corrected wouldn't of said it was rude, pedantic maybe but ALOT of stuff is in the RAF (well from my experience) so always nice to actually have the right information. Silly questions silly answers is all these walls of text summate to.

    Anyways the food is good.
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    CV Helper
    (Original post by Olaff)
    the people who come here in genuine search of help, and are subjected to your sarcstic, rude comments when you don't approve of the way they do things.
    Stick around and show us how it should be done then.
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