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Like this guy in my halls? But had a boyfriend. watch

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    So last summer i got myself a boyfriend. But i thought it would fizzle out when i went to uni, so didn't let myself get too attached. When i got there i had a brilliant first couple of weeks, and also latched on to him more. He texted all the time saying he missed me, couldn't wait to see me at the weekends (i went home every weekend). I loved the attention he was paying me, and looked forward to seeing him, i could tell him about this new experience etc...
    I don't usually get much attention from guys so i enjoyed it, and liked him a lot, it was exciting. He gave me confidence.

    Guy in halls. From the same hometown as me, so someone with the same accent, same sort of boat as me. While our whole floor went out together clubbing, we'd always be getting shots/drinks together, hung around together a lot. But i was equally like this with other people. He teased me quite a bit in a flirty way. But he did this often with the other girls so i didn't think much of it. We got on really well when the weeks passed by.
    I told him i was hungry one night, and he made me food as soon as we got home. He helped me learn to cook as i was terrible at it. we lost everyone once and spent the whole night in the club just dancing our hearts out with each other. i remember being very tipsy, being pushed over. he helped me up.. he took my hand and guided me home. we sat together in a group with others and i told him i had a boyfriend. he grabbed the phone off me, and it was a really flirty position as i was on top of him trying to retrieve it, he got his name, and since that day teased me about him. but i teased him about a girl who was mad about him, and always texted him, but he wasn't that into her. This made us a little closer, he told me about his past relationships etc. I even tried to get girls for him to chat up.
    there were nights we'd sit in front of a dvd or tv, everyone went to bed, but we stayed up and just sat there. it became a little awkward. i would make food, and he would stay until i went to bed then he'd go to bed too. we became quite good friends, but remained distant. He seemed really friendly and eager to know me, but then i saw he acted like this with another girl, and i saw him holding her hand when she was trying to rollerblade. So thought he was just friendly.

    One night, it was a big night out, and i dressed up more than usual. My boyfriend had flippantly told me he loved me the weekend before, and he texted me at that moment to say he was serious, and how much i meant to him i was confused about this. The guy said "woah you made an effort." and he stayed close to me the whole night, but i thought this was mainly since there were strange and new people with us. In all the photos afterwards, it's drunken me and him looking on at me. I got chatted up by this guy who was trying to chat up all the girls, and again i was teased that he was the boyfriend i had back home. me and this guy were both very tipsy and dancing and laughing at each other. back at halls, he got locked out and had to go to reception, i said i'd go with him as it was a longish walk. it was freezing. he gave me his jacket even though i said no. he put it on me. he was behaving so lovely and charming and before we went back, he stopped, looked at me and went in for a kiss. I was actually tempted to kiss him!! i smiled and laughed it off and shook my head. he laughed and said "is the boyfriend really that special?" i said yeah.

    it was fine though. until i woke up the next morning, bumped into him, and he would barely look at me. he was embarrassed. i saw him the day after that and he was friendly to me like it had never happened. then i barely saw him. i didn't go out as much, concentrated on work more. really appreciated the boyfriend i had back at home. got very attached to him. but we started arguing a fair bit, and i sat in more at uni, so didn't socialise as much with the group.
    me and the guy now only talk in a reserved polite way. he gets on more with the rest of the group now. i broke up with my boyfriend over a month ago. still coming to terms with it. i have told no one in my halls this. but i still really like this guy from halls. I miss his friendship. or company. And hate how anti social i have been. help?

    had boyfriend. liked guy at halls - became good friends. he came on to me - things became awkward. not really friendly now. broke up with boyfriend. now wondering what should i do?


    is your home boyfriend ugly and/or not get much attention from girls? (judging by the bit in bold)

    I think you should just go with whichever guy you're attracted to. You don't have to be really serious with these kind of things - you're only 18/19 years old and at uni.

    aww bless you! definitely look that lad up again, apologise for having had a bit of 'a phase' but don't let on about the bf until he mentions it

    I think talk to this guy and mention casually you're no longer with your boyfriend. That way he knows where he stands and if he's still into you, he'll know that something might eventually happen.

    Sounds like a good guy, although he tried to kiss you when you had a boyfriend, he didn't push it and was embarrassed about it the next day.
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