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self harming at uni watch


    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I know, and i have tried like once i rolled up my sleeve (absent mindedly cause it was so hot)with some very good friends and ones response what OMG WHAT HAPPENED (they only saw a small section so i was able to blag it off). But i have once before in the summer i was not able to keep my jacket on it was jsut too hot and it was making me feel ill but i was on my own in Boots so... it wasn't too bad, but i was extremely self concious about it.
    Definitely try bio-oil. Also, why wear a jacket? If you're still self concious you can wear long sleeved t-shirts which are cooler that a jacket.

    I've seen quite a few people at uni with scars, btw. Don't be too nervous about it
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    (Original post by Pedrobear)
    Don't worry, you'll find plenty more new ways to attention seek at uni.
    Hi i understand what you're saying but i'm not sure how exactly im seeking attention, if im asking on ways to get rid of my scars? surely id be wanting to show them off if i was after attention. Also the only person that knows i have a lot of scarring is my mum, to which she doesnt know why (although she probably realised that it from self harming)/how long for/ or whether i still do it. God i must really want attention !!

    (Original post by Wildebeest)
    There are certainly ways in which scars can be encouraged to heal up, as others have already said, but it isn't a case of them being guaranteed to disappear completely.

    Covering your arms doesn't have to be done with clothes that are impractical for the warmer months. Long-sleeved cotton shirts can be great for avoiding sunburn, and some people wear thin arm warmers with t-shirts simply as a fashion accessory throughout the year.

    (Original post by JoRowlingRocks)
    Before I went to uni I'd never seen anyone with self-harm scars; now I've seen many. Bio Oil might work but there are some scars that just won't go away. As others have said you just need to forget about it. Going to uni you can be whoever you want to be, so you can be the person who's accepted that they used to self harm and that it's a part of them, and you can be the person who doesn't need the friendship of anyone who'd be bothered by your scars!

    I don't think many people will think you're weird though. 1 in 4 people suffer mental health problems, this is elevated at uni & so there's far less stigma surrounding these sorts of issues. They also probably won't think you still do it if you don't keep yourself covered up because they'll be able to see that your arms only have scars!
    Thankyou your post really made me feel better! yeah i just dont want people to think im some sort of emotional/fragile wreck, or think im after attention if they did see them. I mean im not gonna go around showing off my arms if i can help it. I just hope im with people that arnt so ignorant and would treat me like a headcase ! thanks again x
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