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Help with completely unreasonable housemate. watch

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    Sorry, this is going to be long due to the massive history with it but I shall make it as brief as possble.

    I live in a house with three other people. Two of them, Jane and John say, were going out (and yes that was a **** idea but that's besides the point now) for a year and then split up and then started going out again because Jane was way to reliant on John and just couldn't cope being single. They then split up again finally last summer with a lot of drama (unfortunately when they were travelling together so they had to finish the trip with each other which didn't help). Back at uni now they were going ok, a few arguments but generally ok. Now that John has started going out with someone (who is a new person in the society which the whole of our house are in) everything has gone mad even though Jane has now started going out with a different new person in our society.

    Now Kate (my other housemate) and I both have boyfriends but we have been barraged with arguments between Jane and John. John has never flaunted his new girlfriend in anyone's face, yes they've been somewhat couple-y (sitting next to each other, walking home with each other, cooking meals etc...) but it's not ott and it's nothing more than Kate and I are like with our boyfriends. However, Jane is taking major offence with this and is being completely unreasonable asking for things like 4 days notice before John's girlfriend comes round and them not being couple-y when she's in the room even though she is allowed to do that with her boyfriend and we are allowed to do that with ours.

    We're all fed up of it. She's basically turned into a psycho and it's ruining living in our house. Kate, Me, our boyfriends and John were watching tv the other day when she was out and it was great until she got back and the mood suddenly dropped. She shouts, slams doors and is just acting like a stroppy teenager. We've tried talking to her, telling her she's being unreasonable and trying to calm her down during arguments, letting her shout to get the anger out, ignoring her, being completely blunt to her. NOTHING'S WORKING!

    Anyone have any ideas at all, it's really disrupting our lives?

    Tl;dr: Awkward breakup between housemates. One housemate turns into a psycho due to other one in the old couple going out with someone else. We (other housemates) get the wrath. We want help.... nothing's working.

    Shoot the lot of em'. Ah wait, that only works in soaps.

    I'd probably just try and have a talk with Jane.. and tell her that this has to stop.
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