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Anyone else sitting the PSYA june exams? watch



    Yeah It is a lot to take onboard but best thing is to work through the sections one at a time and devote the evenings. You got to get yourself motivated and its the best way to learn, going in half hearted sometimes I never remember anything.

    Firstly what I did was go to the AQA website and downloaded all the past papers. Theres a specification paper there too that you can download which tells you the topic areas to cover.

    I'm doing psychology Spec A so I downloaded past papers from 2008 up until 2010.

    Also download the Mark Schemes for them so you know how to answer as sometimes it seems obvious but their looking for something else and relevant studies.

    I found this book REALLY helpful to slowly get me into it:


    Also this book for paper 2:


    but a lot of it is using google and past research as I looked at mark schemes, it made no sense so i researched the studies they mentioned and you basically begin to learn them.

    These books really are helpful and if you learn to answer the questions they mention (as they teach you the main stuff and you then can answer questions on it, with broken down answers etc ) you begin to learn quite a bit.

    I would get started mate as I started 1 month ago and have learnt a lot for paper 1 but I need to begin learning paper 2 in a bit more depth.

    Just to add research methods is covered in those books nicely, its broken down well so I think those books are a good place to start.

    What I did was learn one thing at a time, try memorise it and then write it down. If i got it wrong, I read it again, then tried write it down again ; you would be surprised how much you can remember like this if you just put pen to paper and keep trying you will get it.

    I have literally 2 inch thick worth of paperwork which I spent writing over and over again to remember stuff and you will eventually take it in.

    Make a start mate, you have just about enough time to take most of it in. I think after 1 month im looking at least a B but im aiming for an A - It gets easier but you never know what may pop up so im making sure I know it all!
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    Hiya Mephestic, i have started revising, but its a lot to learn, i will try those books thank you!

    Hows revision going for people on this?

    I keep getting confused on so many areas as theres so much crossover in biological and behavioural...

    man i hate the stress response too...im trying to cover as much as possible for paper 2 but its a killer...how is everyone else getting on?
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Updated: May 15, 2011
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