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is this guy interested ? where do i go from here? (All advice appreciated watch

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    hey - just wondering if i could have some honest opinions on this situation - i dont want to end up making a fool of myself

    i was out last tues and met this guy - we danced but not really in a flirty way though i did fancy him and he asked for my number which i gave - the nexxt day i got a fb request and text from him and were texting pretty much the whole night - he was out again on fri and pretty much spent the whole night with me but didnt really try anything on - (which is cool cause id raher take things slow)

    he's a mutual freind of my flatmate boyfreinds so walked home with us - and got invited back to our flat for afterparty! but i said that i had to go to bed cause u ahd work the next day - as soon as i got in i got a txt saying 'great nite let me know if you wanna meet up over the w/e or summat'

    now this is where i feeel like i may have messed up! the text freaked me out a bit cause ive never had a bf or anything so i didnt txt back i was about to nxt day saing yeah we should - when he text me again askin if i had a gd nite etc - i text back saying yh i did - and btw i can meet over the w/e - to which he replied he was busy with uni work (this was true my freinds saw him in the lib )- but was still quite chatty in his texts

    so we kind of left it at that - and then i text him on mon but didnt get areply - but i dont know if he got it - cause i text my flatmate aroundd the same time and she didnt get my text - so i m not sure if he doesnt want to reply or is not interested

    aslo i saw him yday with all his mate but wasnt sure if he saw me so i kinda looked down and walked past (im abit shy!)

    i dont know what to do cause i thought he was really nice and i do like him but i dont want to look like a stalker! lol

    thanks in advance
    any advice appreciated
    thanks in advance

    Obviously it's not an exact science, but if he's contacting you and intentionally spending time with you then I'd say he sounds interested. It's unlikely it would have evaporated over the weekend just because you didn't reply to one of his texts, don't worry you haven't messed up

    In terms of what to do next it depends a lot on what you feel comfortable doing. Relying on texts for communication is a pain in the arse though, as you found! At this point I'd see nothing wrong with ringing him up and asking if he does want to hang out again. Others may disagree/you may not feel happy doing that, so fb chat/message him? If he added you there's little risk of appearing stalker-ish.

    It sounds like you could be on to a good thing, try to relax and see where it goes. Good luck! Keep us updated!

    Argh texting. You shouldn't have ignored him in the street though!
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