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    Probably That's the funniest story about background check that you have ever heard...

    I applied for a famous investment bank last October, I had to fill out the online application and submit cv+cover letter.

    On the online application the start/end dates of my previous internship are correct, on the cover letter i clearly stated that i did an internship during the summer 2010 but, i don't know why, i made a terrible mistake on my cv.. Instead of May-Aug 2010 I wrote May-Apr 2010!!
    I was sooo stupid! I checked my online application so many times but i uploaded this f+++++g cv without paying attention.

    Surprisingly I was invited to interview (I suppose HR just looked at online app). I had 2 interviews in my city and 4 interviews in London. When I was asked I always clarified that I worked last summer and I remember that 2 interviewers wrote it down on the cv that they had.
    It was very embarassing.. but I was really motivated and I did very well during the interviews (I have a strong technical preparation). They made me an offer for a summer internship!
    It happened in november, I was very happy for that and I almost forgot about the "CV problem".
    Recently I have searched on internet and I read about background check and how it is strict for financial firms.

    Now I'm worried, because I know that my bank has not started yet. They have already done the screening for FT two months ago (I friend was selected for that program), but for SA they are going to ask for the academic transcript during the next month. (It seems that the process for SA will be easier and shorter)
    I never told the HR about my mistake, I thought that they should have already noticed since they had all the documents since the beginning... But maybe they didn't!!

    It was a completly honest mistake, I never lied and always said the truth during the interview process. But I was wondering... maybe the interviewrs don't remember me and maybe HR don't have it written down, maybe they are going to think that I wanted to exagerate the lenght of my work experience...

    What should I do? Call them and clarify again? I feel shame for that mistakes, I look as someone who doesn't pay attention to details (and it was not a small details). These kind of things never happen to me and I am an honest person.
    I don't wanna lose my job and be considered as someone who put fake GPA on CV or tried to hide a crime!!

    In all honesty I would just leave it. Isn't an internship something under 6 months, anything over is a placement anyways? It's correct on your cover letter, and i'm guessing the app form got you to fill it out too so it'll be correct on there. I wouldn't worry - if they do bring it up say it was an honest mistake!

    Although its a mistake, it isn't like you exaggerated or lied to put yourself in a better position? You put down that you'd done an internship for just a month, when in fact you spent four months there - it isn't like you had it the other way round, and made out you'd spent more time doing an internship than you actually had... Not sure if I'm making any sense, but you get what I mean

    wouldnt worry too much............. just put down the correct dates in the background check form they have sent you/or will send you.

    Don't worry about that but call them. Also because maybe a third company would run a CV scan on you and if you have stated this problem clearly with HR you should be fine.
    Last year I wrote a wrong digit in my phone number and they were not able to contact me for the phone interview :-). I was lucky and manage to get the phone interview the following day but I felt so stupid :-)

    Surely they are smart enough to realise the mistake?

    May - Apr 2010 is not possible.
    May '10 - Apr '11 is. But we're not even in April yet, so once again, impossible.

    Obviously they would cross reference with your other form and see that it says Aug and put two and two together.

    It will be fine. No further action is required.

    Apologies to break into this but do banks ask for academic transcripts for summer internships or do they simply call/email the academic referee you put down on the BG check form?
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    Thank you guys for your help!!

    So far I have not called them and clarify this thing. I was asked to upload a new CV with updated information since they are now deciding in which division I will work.

    But I guess that they still hold the first version of the resume that I sent them.

    I searched on internet and found a lot of topics related to this issue. I am very confused about how background checks work and which kind of discrepancies lead to immediate rejections. I read about people who had their offer rescinded because of very minor mistakes.
    I know that my case is pretty unique because the mistake was only on the first CV and in the other forms the dates were correct, so I should not compare it with other situations. But still... I showed that I did not pay attention to details and so I miss an important prerequisite for this job.
    This is an investment bank and so they are very strict about mistakes and accuracy.

    I am wondering if they could reject me even if it is quite clear that the mistake was honest...

    Doubt it. I cleared mine recently without any hassles.

    Some background checks only check certain aspects. For eg: some may lay more emphasis on your work experience, some may do it with your academics or even EC's.
    Don't worry too much about it but please make sure you upload a version which you go through properly.
    Good luck
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