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    (Original post by foreveryoung01)
    yeah, goes with the low self esteem sadly -_-
    why is everyone with such a low sel-steem lately?

    (Original post by TheCaledonian)
    i care. My driving instructor gets really annoyed because of this as i always want to do everything fast so that i don't annoy other more experienced drivers
    Made me stall, EVERY time :/

    I used to. But now, as i get older, i don't really give a damn half the time. Depends where i am, who i am with. If it's to do with how i dress or act, well, that's when i don't care. Because i'm doing a me. If i fall..That's a mistake. Just get up, pretend nothing happened, and carry on.

    Depends on so many things, such as the people in question, the mood I'm in, and the thing I'm potentially going to be embarrassed about. Duh.

    (Original post by tatt13)
    but didn't u feel more free before when u didn't care about things like ur appearance? or u did it just to like yourself even more?
    Nope. No one wants to hang out with a guy thats a total **** and stinks. Might've been easier to live that way but way more boring and lonely.

    In the words of George Orwell: Freedom is Slavery.

    It depends what you mean by "do you care"

    I care what my friends think about me and i like thinking that girls fancy me when im walking around town or so. Im not that bothered about being in embarrassing situations etc... and can easily laugh them off and forget.

    You're happy with yourself when you're happy with people judging yourself.
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