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    (Original post by The Cornerstone)
    I sometimes don't understand why people say that marriage would ruin the relationship. Just because a lot of people divorce doesn't imply that marriage is the cause. Even if those people weren't married if they couldn't resolve their problems they would still separate the only difference is that it won't appear in any statistics.
    This! So true.

    It's also too easy to get divorced these days - time was, you only got divorced for real non-negotiable issues. Nowadays, people divorce after 5 minutes because they couldn't be bothered to work through whatever small issue arose.

    (Original post by totallydelirious)
    I'm a Christian, I couldn't *not* get married. I believe it's the joining of two people in the eyes of God, I believe it's something holy.

    I don't fully understand why non-religous people get married as it really is then just a peice of paper.

    I'm also waiting for marriage to have sex, as i think sex is when 'two bodies become one flesh'.

    i think if you have sex with someone you're not in a loving committed relationship with, just as a random fling, then i think it's kind of...emotionally damaging. I think sex is an expression of love, a way of expressing an overflowing love for the other person, and if you have 'meaningless' sex that's cutting off your emotions and deadening how you feel which is never a healthy way of going about life.

    I don't think you have to be married to have sex (it can just be a long term loving committed relationship), that's just what i've decided i want.

    And i want kids, and sex is kind of a good way of getting pregnant, and i only want to have sex with the person i marry, so yeah i'm going to get married.
    :rolleyes: But no, you're right partly.

    Marriage is whatever the two individuals want it to be, really. I dissagree that having multiple sex partners throughout your life is emotionally damaging, though. It would depend on how people process sex in their mind. I think the guilt after the act is where the damaging part comes in for most people, not the act itself. But there is no real reason to feel guilty. Sex is very natural and healthy with an appropriate amount of self respect for yourself and the other person.
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