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UCLA student receives death threats after racist rant watch


    I believe in freedom of speech,unless someone directly advocates violence. And I hope she hasn't been punished by her university for this. The problem is now ,that political correctness is the new fascism and people feel there is things they cannot say despite thinking them. How does political correctness help at all then, because believe me ,she is not the only person in that university who thinks similar and worse about asian students.

    I think a much healthier society is one where people feel they can say these things ,people can then challenge them and perhaps everyone can have a better understanding of each other. And really if people giving her death threats over what she said,then they are far worse than her.

    Due to freedom of speech I will say however that she strikes me as an annoying airheaded idiot and I wonder just how she got into such a good university. I suspect it was a combination of sucking ALOT of c0ck as well as mummy and daddies money and that will probably be how she graduates.

    "If you're gonna come to UCLA, use American manners." :laugh:

    Oxymoron FTW!!

    Someone please explain to me how this is racist?
    The definition of racism is saying one ethnic group is above of another all she did was a bad impression of a chinese person and said a lot of asian families visited their children/grandchildren by the apartment she stayed in therefore she is not racist. Seriously I know people are PC mad on here and very left wing but im sure youve attempted a accent before so how would you feel as being classed as racist for that seriously.

    She looks like one of the people on 'Snog Marry Avoid'.


    And lol at the whole 'American Manners' thing.


    Just watched the video and some of the hilarious responses, to be honest I didn't think it was that bad until she started doing that "Ting long" ****, f*** that.

    Can't believe UCLA let people in like that.

    (Original post by No Future)
    1. She chose to study in California. California is known for having a high Asian population.

    2. I thought UCLA was prestigious? And they let her in?

    3. Yes, Asians are all one people who speak the same language and live in the same country :rolleyes:

    4. American manners? LOL and WTF.

    5. American doesn't mean white. You can be American and brown, black or yellow. You can be American and speak Asian languages. You can be American and have family living abroad.

    6. Studying Political Science, the irony.

    7. If she just had a problem with loud people in the library, she could have just ranted about loud people, but for some reasons Asians seem to bother her

    8. What's wrong with family looking after you? Does nobody love you?

    9. Ignorant and worrying to see that some people think this is ok.

    I thought this vid was hilarious:


    ps: I don't agree with death threats, but I can understand why people feel so angry
    That song is hilarious! And he has a really good voice!
    'Ting Tong... Still don't know what that means.' LMAO.

    (Original post by Vazzyb)
    I dont think its possible to justify the associated asian-people insults ie. not specific to making too much noise in the library

    her whole tone and style was very insulting too

    "These hoards of asian people which UCLA accepts into OUR school every year" - [oops thats a bit racist]... "...[pause]....which is fine"

    lol I could make a video about why I hate fat, orange, stupid, ignorant, pointless white girls - but I have manners and even then I wouldn't generalise to all white girls, like she did.
    Yeah. The 'hoards' comment made me go :lolwut:
    Part of me thinks she's more ignorant than racist but of course, that still doesn't make it ok. The bit where she mimicked the language, got Japanese and Chinese people mixed up and mentioned the Tsumani made me do a double take and think 'OK... shut the frig up now, idiot'. That was just awful. I thought Political Science involved international relations? And... you know, general intelligence. I was like 'WHAT IS THIS ****?' when she said 'American manners'. What does that even mean? Tbh, I can identify with the loud people in the library thing but not specifically Asians. It's not a race thing, it's a 'having complete disregard for the fact a library is a library and screaming when you can STFU' thing.

    She's a total idiot but I don't think she should have got death threats. Death threats > casual rascism imo.

    All the remixes are hilarious!

    (Original post by D.R.E)
    Would totally hit it...
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Updated: March 24, 2011
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