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I'm pretty sure that this Rebecca Black "Friday" video is a big publicity stunt... watch



    (Original post by Smoked Salmon)
    E! channel said she got death threats... I'm actually surprised about that. I thought everyone would just laugh at the song...
    Doesn't surprise me tbh.

    (Original post by Hazel92)
    loooooooool!!! This had me cracking soo hard it hurts!
    Hahahahahahahahhahaha @ that photo, I fell of my chair.... :hi: On the plus side, at least everyone can relate to "Yesterday was thursday, today it is friday, tomorow is saturday and sunday comes afterwards... I don't want the weekend to end."

    That awkward moment when Rebecca Black doesn't know which seat to take.

    Why are you switching lanes if you're already in the fast lane!?

    Breaking News: Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards

    (Original post by Ape Gone Insane)
    Yeah, my Facebook news feed is flooded with people liking various memes to do with her.
    Ohoh, you have facebook Ape

    Is she a robot? o_O


    (Original post by jumpthroughtime)
    Basically I feel like we're being treated like tools and this music video/song is deliberately awful to boost her to fame and get Rebecca Black's name out there. What do you think? Agree/Disagree?
    what kind of rock have you been living under?


    seriously i want to know where you haven't been spammed by commercial music videos so i can go hide there

    Original Post is probably right, it makes sense.

    (Original post by JCC-MGS)
    I'm pretty sure that making the entire world think that your artist is a talentless teenybopper joke would be the worst marketing strategy in human history.
    Hate creates exposure and fame, we've seen it with Justin Bieber, the producers or whoever wrote this song for Rebecca knowing that Justin became famous mainly through the hate he received (gay, when he hits puberty he'll be nothing etc). It gave his name a reason to be spoken about which continued to spread his name, which lead to the Biebs we have today. Hell, I didn't know who Justin Bieber was at first, I thought "One Love" was sang by a girl when I heard it, only when someone in my class mentioned his name (which lead me to ask who he was) did I find out who he was.

    It's the same with Rebecca, her producer knew hate created fame through Justin's rise to super-stardom, so he worked with Rebecca to create an absolutely atrocious song to gain her publicity. Sure, it portrayed her in a bad light, but it gave people a reason to speak about her, mention her name, which lead to people asking questions in an unending cycle until just about everybody knows who she is... Then the producer gets Rebecca Black to record a number of new songs that are significantly better, and due to being famous already, people will go to those new videos hoping for a laugh, but then 1 million views later, $5,000 enters Rebecca's pocket.

    She already has a number of songs out, one including "My Moment", while not the best song out there it's significantly better than Friday.

    She also has a second song very similar to Friday, called Prom Night (the chorus' are almost exactly the same ['It's Prom Night, Prom Night]), and though this may be just another failure of a song I get the feeling that this song was either made to launch Rebecca back to everybody's conversations or increase the amount of hate towards her. I can't remember when Prom Night was released in comparison to Friday so I'm not going to bank on either.

    Edit: Wow I just realized how much of a bump I gave this thread :| oops.
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