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help me! exam + diet watch

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    im really sorry about this but i need HELP now.
    im SO stressed and scared and i am sitting at my desk trying to do work but i cant because i can literally FEEL the fat growing on me and i just want to DIE.
    im on exam leave this week and had a job interview half way through, so my timetable has been quite disrupted and i have been binging like 4 times this week, and have calculated that even if i fast tomorrow i will have consumed 4,620 cal over my weekly needs, so will be a whole 1.5kg heavier come monday, and i CANT COPE.

    I have been trying to loose, weight, but all i seem to be able to do is gain and get fatter and fatter and fatter. my old clothes that used to be baggy are too tight for me now, and its coming towards summer and i wont be able to wear short sleeves because i will be too fat. i cant even look at myself when i clean my teeth or anything, i just HATE myself. and i am going to fail my exams next week, because i am too stressed about the fat that i can feel growing on me to actually do work.

    i dont know how much i weigh because my weight has gone up and down so much this week (start 56, then down to 53, now back up to 58 about 10 mins ago). i dont understand!!!

    have decided to fast tomorrow, but im such a greedy fat whale i probably wont manage that.
    then because next week i will be preocupied in exams most of the day i was planning to get my fat arse to start the ABC diet, timing my food intake to just before each exam. do you think that would be ok, or would it likely harm my concentration.

    sorry for long post, im just so stressed!!!

    TL;DR: i am a fat faced double chinned ugly LOOSER, who will be 2kg heavier come monday. is it ok to start a v low cal diet during exam week

    No! If you start a very low calorie diet during an exam period, you will lose concentration, energy and in all likelihood not work to your full potential.

    It sounds like you are really stressed out, try and eat healthily with foods that will give you energy.. but if it was me, I would concentrate on the exam for this week and then sort out the food next week.

    Sure, not eating might work but you'll just gain it all back on.

    First of all... Breathe and calm down.

    I'm pretty sure quite a few people, including myself eat during study periods. But try eating normal amounts the same you would any other day and have something healthy beside you rather than binging on unhealthy foods. e.g. I like to keep a pack of dried mixed fruit on my desk so that if I feel like snacking, I snack on something fairly healthy rather than things like crisps, chocolates, etc.

    As people have said before, you need the energy. If your diet isn't that great then concentrate on that once your exams are over, you don't need the additional stress right now.

    When I have an exam any type of diet/healthy eating goes out the window. I eat loads! Mainly rubbish. Eat what you want when you want, you will need food to concentrate on your revision and during the exam.
    You can lose the weight once your exams have finished.

    Appetite suppresents: Apples, natural yoghurt, coffee, tea. Binge on oats and if you have to eat, pick non-fried meat over potatoes/rice!
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    OH GOSH! I'm having the sameee dilemma, problem with me is though i'm eating literally nothing everyday because of my dissertation, and i've realised that my concentration span is like 10 mins or less This has gone on for 8 weeks now (although I did intend on losing weight, it's kinda happening jus like that I have no time to eat).
    And now with exams, how am I gonna concentrate???? I have no time to eat! And I dont want to eat convenient junk arghhh, help!
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