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Red nose day is a waste of time! watch


    (Original post by madders94)
    Maybe that's your definition of poverty; that sounds like a pretty cushy poverty to me. To me, poverty means being unable to afford food and rent, being on the verge of losing your house etc.

    I know there are people out there suffering more, but if we put more money into making sure everyone in this country has more to donate, we can donate more to Africa in the future. Also, how much money that goes to Africa goes on sex education and condoms? That would solve many of the problems they have if they were taught about them, and they were more readily available - it should help with the AIDS problem and also result in a lot less children being born into poverty.
    No, that is more or less the official definition of poverty in Britain - most of my childhood was lived below the "poverty line". There are virtually no children in the UK who are unable to afford food or rent - the government will pay that for them. The only way it could happen is if the parents are deliberately neglecting the children.

    I don't agree that giving more money to people here will result in more donations later. For a start donations being given "later" aren't good enough - people are dying now. Secondly, people generally give a tiny proportion of their income to charity - I struggle to believe they will give more to Africa because of help they received as a child by the UK government.

    I'm sure there are many sex education programmes in Africa. You're not the first person to have come up with it as a solution - it will be carried out extensively. Unfortunately they are often battling against organisations like the Catholic church and American missionaries. And even once they know the dangers, they won't necessarily change their attitude over night. It will take decades to convince them as a continent to change their attitude towards it. I guess similarly it took a long time to happen in the West as well?

    this year's red noses suck
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