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£5 for food for 5 days :S watch

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    (Original post by f00ddude)

    (Original post by Gofre)
    I can only live off one meal a day if I stay at home all day. Otherwise, I need breakfast or I do silly things like fainting... I don't think bread is that expensive anyhow
    (Original post by Hravan)
    Don't think I can stomach porridge, I'd rather have plain pasta for five days and be able to eat something like toast for breakfast, lol. Thanks for your ideas though, will have to see if I can draw up a plan.

    (Original post by mintmocha)
    Yes, it can be done. This is a really nice website for any deals on supermarkets and such http://www.hotukdeals.com/groceries/deals/hot

    Just be careful, don't buy too many vegetable at once in bulk because they might go bad if you don't eat them up quick enough which would be a waste of money. Pastas/tinned foods/lentils and such will last longer and you can leave them for another time.
    I don't think they'll go off in 5 days The bigger problem is that they are expensive. I'm thinking that the frozen veg is a better idea.

    (Original post by tieyourmotherdown)
    Cheap pasta, cheap rice and 9p Jelly Cubes from Sainsburys
    It's a shame jelly cubes have gelatine in them Would have been a wonderful idea otherwise

    (Original post by thru sun and rain)
    Frozen veg are very useful and use to portion. (tesco peas are about 70p a kilo sweetcorn the same brocoli and cauliflower a bit more.
    Noodles and pasta are cheap enough especialy value range. Breakfast get porridge oats or value cornflakes. milk is also cheap if you go to tesco 6pints for £1.18 (creamfields purple top) Admittedly being vegetarian is quite beneficial as meat is very expensive whilst pasts and pulses are very cheap.

    As many have suggested before you could have stir fry for evening meals and cous cous/ pasta for lunch. Pasatta is very cheap and makes more than a tin of chopped tomatoes. Tomato puree really is a bit useless as it doesn't really go far and trying to make it into a sauce its just a little bit to sharp. If you want a bit extra in always get some bananas (79p for value pack) that way you can bulk up your breakfast or have as a snack. (average 10 bananas per pack )

    It would be a good idea to use mysupermarket just so you can pop items in and find the cheapest place to buy it all from.
    (Original post by ajp100688)
    I have no clue how any can get themselves into that state, even benefits give you well more than £1 a day for food. A single person can live quite well on £30 worth of food a week and that's eminently possible on benefit 'wages.'
    I live off £15-20 a week for food normally

    (Original post by Wenger)
    Do you know how many calories (kcal) is in 100g of pasta? Around 400

    Eat pasta all day for a week, and you will gain ALOT of weight. Your diet will not balanced at all, you're consuming way over the necessary carbohydrates needed, and not doing exercise. (I am assuming the OP won't be doing exercise, as that will increase your daily food requirements.)
    OP may be doing her regular exercise on the Monday - depends how I feel/ how much work I have. TBH, for 5 days, it's not gonna matter if I eat 500g of pasta =2000 calories = calorie intake for a women. However, I think I can be a bit more creative than that!

    (Original post by Xristina)
    THe problem with this challenge is that poor countries don't have things like Iceland where you get 4 chicken breasts for one pound, or noodles for 10p. If we really wanted to see how these people live, it should be something like 20p per day! Everyone can do 5pounds for 5 days if they buy the huge pasta packs from tescos and Iceland meat.

    Edit: oh, that's for poor people in England only then? I thought it was for poor people in general.
    I think it's mainly for people outside of England as £1 ~ $2 which is what is quoted all the time what people live off. Although, in other countries, their food is cheaper so I think you have to account for that.

    (Original post by clo-clo1)
    I really wanna do this too but considering all my work is due around then and I'm final year I just know I'll break it with buying coffee or something. Good luck to you. I was thinking of doing hummus and pitta for lunch as over the 5 days that wouldn't cost a lot.
    You also tend to eat more as you are cooped up working.

    (Original post by tibbles209)
    ach youre grand, i spend less than that all the time. at the moment I have no money until Monday and i have pretty much no food in the house, i've been eating jam on toast for every meal since yesterday. Not really bothered though, my own fault for not budgeting properly
    ouch, tbh I can think of worse things to have to eat for every meal.

    Ok a good idea is to make crepes. All you need is flour, eggs and milk (and you can share with like 3 friends so it works out so much cheaper, since you don't actually need the whole pack of milk, eggs or flour). You can eat them with cheese and vegetables (cheese and spinach is a favorite of mine). They are cheap and delicious.

    Lot of people haven't taken into account the cost of getting to supermarkets (if there is one), and to those who say "just drink water", unless you factor in how much it's costing you for tap water that really isn't keeping in line with the idea of the trial.
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    (Original post by sleekchic)
    So how exactly does a bunch of students living off £5 for 5 days help those living in extreme poverty? Will you be donating money to them or is this just an 'experiment'?
    I will hopefully be getting sponsored for it. As for your other questions, here is a good place to start.

    bread - 47p
    2 x cuppa soup - 30p - 15p for 4
    2 x curry sauce - 14p - 7p each
    5 x super noodles - 50p - 10p each
    frozen veg - 65p
    juice - 28p
    12 packs crisps - 48p
    butter - 98p

    thats £3.80
    and for a meat eater you could get 20 frozen sausages - £1
    still under budget, pretty healthy due to veg soup, and frozen veg, have snacks, and juice (i dont like the taste of water) and bread can be made for toast, and dip in soup...


    (Original post by Lantana)
    I'm thinking of doing this in May. I'm vegetarian which may or may not help. However, I'm trying to think of a meal plan - particularly lunch as I normally take a packed lunch which isn't cheap enough. Any ideas?
    Buy stuff from the local market. I got two full carrier bags of fruit and veg for £4.70 today

    get a **** ton of pasta or rice and live off that. £1 is a lot of money considering you'd probably only need about 2000 calories to survive. for example if you buy the sainsburys basics 500g bag of pasta shapes, you can buy 25 bags for £5.00 and eat up to 8650 calories a day for 5 days, or eat 2000 a day for 3 weeks.

    £5 for 3 weeks actually sounds ridiculous. anyone care to check my math for me?
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