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    Advanced Higher English, Spanish and History, and Int 2 Maths
    Advanced Higher English and History, and Higher Maths
    Advanced Higher English and Spanish, and Higher Maths

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    At the moment, I'm in S5 studying my Highers: English, Human Biology, History, Spanish and French. I love English and therefore I'd definitely want to pursue it; I'm struggling with Human Biology; I'm finding History fairly easy but boring; I'm enjoying Spanish, but I'm disliking French.

    So, I now wonder: what subjects should I choose for S6? Obviously, this should be a decision based one what I enjoy and want to pursue; but when all is lost, one must turn to other like-minded students!

    At University, I was considering either Law or Economics.

    The possible Advanced Highers I'd like to do are: English, History and Spanish.

    Now for the combinations:
    1. AH English, History, Spanish and Int 2 Maths (disallowed to take Higher in-conjunction with AHs)
    2. AH English and History, and Higher Maths.
    3. AH English and Spanish, and Higher Maths.

    My preference lies towards AH English and Spanish as I enjoy them both. I'm afraid that I may not have the drive to do History, and I'm not sure how stressing I'll find two essay subjects with great amount of coursework.
    I want to do Higher Maths as I think it will be greatly beneficial for a lot of things (including Economics).
    Although, I'm worrying: will I be disadvantaged if I don't take three Advanced Highers? Will I be disadvantaged if I take Advanced Spanish over Advanced History?

    I doubt I'll be going to England for University, but it's a thought...

    Any thoughts are very much so appreciated.

    Don't take anything to AH if you don't have a passion for it. I'd take the third option but tbh if you get 4-5 A's at higher your 6th year subjects won't matter.

    If you want to do Law/Economics I would definitely do AH History.

    (Original post by Quick-use)
    Although, I'm worrying: will I be disadvantaged if I don't take three Advanced Highers?
    Unless you want to go to England this won't disadvantage you in any way whatsoever. You could take zero Advanced Highers and it wouldn't be a disadvantage. What do you kids get fed by your teachers?

    If you're planning on applying for Economics, take Higher Maths. Not having it will hinder you. Lack of AHs will not hinder you in applications to most courses at Scottish universities, although having done relevant AHs will certainly help you (although, given your particular preferences, this doesn't really apply here).
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