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overpaid footballers a disgrace! watch


    (Original post by tazarooni89)
    Would you rather the owners of the football club just kept that money to themselves?
    lol this this, a hundred times this

    Meh, they get taxed 50% and only a very small percentage of players are on the obscene wages that you're talking about.

    Drop down to League One, or even just the Championship, and you'll find the majority of players on pretty standard (well paid) salaries.

    EDIT: Last Seasons figures.

    Well their wages don't really come at anybodies expense except for those willing to pay them (the clubs). Don't they get taxed as well?

    (Original post by berryboysh)
    We had this discussion in one of our college classes recently about overpaid footballers and many people had different views. My personal view is that they (footballers) get the joy of playing the game of football (which they'd play anyway regardless or not if they get payed) as well as being paid an absolute fortune, of a monthly salary of average £150,000 to £250,000 a week, £1,000,000 a month and £12,000,000 a year!! for kicking a damn ball around a pitch!!

    Many people go to work (and don't enjoy it) and work 8,10, and 12hr shifts on some really hard tough jobs and are getting weekly wages of about £250-£300 a month.

    I don't like football, I don't support no damn team but What is so interesting to watch about a group of grown men kicking a ball around a field and getting grossly overpaid?
    Many people seem to forget that football clubs are businesses. Football clubs generate a lot of money through valid means like ticket sales so they can afford to pay the players so much. Public professions are not businesses and paid by taxes, that is why a doctor cannot earn as much as a football player.

    Hiya very very sorry for hjacking this thread but i just have a quick question i wanted to ask people who know about football...

    So basically i'm planning on buying a football shirt for my boyfriend's birthday and wanted to ask do most people who get football shirts get them printed with their favourite player? Or do most leave the back plain? I know there's the risk they may leave so do most people avoid getting it printed just in case? I guess what i'm trying to say is, is it more common to see a football shirt with a players name on or without? And would you be more dispointed if it was printed or wasn't? :confused:

    Hope that makes sense and hope somebody can help me, thanks!

    (Sorry i am a girl who knows nothing about football and has never watched a full match... :rolleyes:
    ...although i do think footballers are overpaid compared to doctors etc!)
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