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Financial worries about University watch

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    I have an offer to study Law at Durham University starting in October. The accomodation costs are £5085- as my parents just about earn over the limit, my loan off the government for maintenance is £3564.

    The thing is, despite my parents earning a relatively good amount, I am one of five children (also a twin) with two brothers already in university, myself and my twin set to go this year and my little sister set to go when the tuition fees rise. As well as this, my parents are in their 60s and are looking to save money for their retirement, so whilst my household income is above average, there isn't much to be spent after morgage/food/energy costs etc .

    I have applied for many different jobs, all of which say they won't interview me because I have a lack of experience (and yet I will not get experience if I am not allowed to have experience :'). I have a couple of hundred saved in the bank from birthdays and christmas, and i've sold a couple of my guitars, but I really need a better source of income.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I also have an offer for Liverpool University, where I could stay at home and wouldn't be a financial burden to my already burdened parents. Should I choose the cheaper option?

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    In an ideal world, you would go to whichever place has the sort of course and environment that you prefer. However, given your personal circumstances, and the fact that Liverpool is a perfectly decent uni, you should take a good look at their course and the employment prospects for their graduates.

    Once you've got your first post-uni job, future employers won't care which uni you went to anyway - they'll be basing decisions mainly on your experience, personal qualities etc.

    Bottom line: go to Durham and tough it out if you're absolutely convinced it's the best course for you, but don't rule out a more local uni if it can still provide the sort of qualification you want to achieve.

    Go to Durham
    If your parents won't help, and earning over £60K they should, then you can get a job.
    Your accommodation costs are fully catered and all internet, heating etc included so you only need socialising and course related costs to find. There's loads of work out there in bars, shops, etc.. Keep looking.

    I'm in exactly the same position as you OP, but different locations. i get that exact loan, and nothing off my parents, desperatly want to go away to uni, however i have an offer at my local uni. i have a job currently, am on a gap year, and i could get a transfer to my uni city, however, i worry that once i get to uni that the work load will be too much and will have to quit my job, leaving me with absolutley no money, as i need an extra £1500 just to pay for accommodation, never mind food! i'm so upset as i really want to go away

    What jobs are you applying for that are rejecting you? Are they realistic? You can get work at your uni in the SU or similar, they will be happy to employ you if there are vacancies.
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