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Have you ever started a degree half-heartedly and surprisingly really liked it? watch

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    I've been saying for ages that I want to be a teacher and I've applied for this course at Uni but now the time comes nearer to university I don't even know anymore if I want to be one anymore. I feel it's too late to change my mind and because I already have offers it seems like the idea is already set me for me to do it.

    I'm wondering whether to jump in and see if I like it or perhaps consider another degree like Psychology. I don't know what to do and I feel really indecisive.

    What if I do the three year degree and decide that teaching isn't for me? Is it easy to completely change career paths?

    If anyone has any advice that'd be helpful!

    I've been wanting to do business for ages when I was younger (10-15), then I decided against it and opted for Psychology instead and was really adamant about it (15-18), but I didnt make the grades and went through Clearing to do Politics, which is something I have never thought about before but now I cant imagine studying anything else.

    Its never too late to change your mind, reality says that to keep people docile and miserable, theres ALWAYS a way out, in ANY situation (but of course that doesnt mean you take the piss just to see how much piss can be taken). You already have the offers but you can reject it and go through clearing or extras, or if you accept the offers you can do what a friend of mine did, she changed courses about 6 months in (within the same uni) and was successful.

    Also, when youre that young, its actually harder to maintain a steady career path, if you ever watched that youtube vid where it was rambling on about the state of our world in 2050 or something....but it said that our generation will switch jobs 8-10 times in our lives.

    I opted for German with Translation Studies because I was told I might enjoy it and I had the potential to be a good translator. I wasn't too sure about it at first but got told to just try it for the first few weeks and see how it went. 4 years on and it turns out I've loved it.

    I wouldn't change your mind completely now (unless you're totally put off by it) because everyone gets doubts. Give it a go and if it's not working out, see if you can change.

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