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    Prepare for a thread of Jurassic proportions.

    Sup gentiles, anyone else here enthused about dinosaurs? Well if so, then you've come to the right place. Here we can discuss dinosaurs, in all their glory, and all their horror. These prehistoric beasties are the cornerstone of archaeology and in the hearts and minds of many peoples. So please, share your thoughts on dinosaurs here, and discuss these amazing creatures.

    So, my fellow forum goers, what's your favorite dinosaur? I like the velociraptor myself, but it pains me to think that they may have had hair. So does this mean that watching dinosaur pr0n now makes me a furry? Not that I get off on dinosaurs or anything...let's change the subject. Do you believe that dinosaurs had hair? Share your thoughts on this controversial matter here.

    What are your favorite forms of dinosaur media? Personally I love the first Jurassic Park movie and the first Dino Crisis game. Also, do you believe that, assuming it is possible, that scientists should bring back dinosaurs? I think so, since not only would it further science, be conversational, awe the world, and because I fraking love dinosaurs.

    So please, join me in discussing this wonderful topic and make constant extinction puns that are so old they're prehistoric. And remember, this is the best thread ever.
    • TSR Community Team

    TSR Community Team
    Did you watch JP3 today? I watched like, the first 30 mins but i've never really enjoyed that one...

    I think the most awesome dinosaurs are the ones you barely see in the movies (probably why I can't remember their names) and those beasts are the ones in the sea, big ass predators - I think I first found out about them in Walking with dinosaurs (what an awesone series that was). Google says they're called Liopleurodon.

    I remember Dino Crisis...vaguely...PS1 yeah?

    Lastly, my cousin was obsessed with dinosaurs from the age of, like, 4 all the way up until early teens. He even had a triceratops cuddly toy which he called...wait for it...epic dinosaur name coming...Sarah.

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