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How to make my application stronger for next year? watch

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    (Original post by No Future)
    - Improve your UKCAT to at least 600 (if applying to certain med schools e.g. Kings, then 700+)
    - Work experience
    - Rewrite your ps
    - Practice interview technique
    Cheers I'm going to get work experience sorted early this time, and try and get a load of volunteer work under my belt aswell. A first aid course probably wouldn't hurt me either! I'm planning on spending August and September practising full on for the UKCAT, I want to turn it into a strong point this time round.

    (Original post by KCosmo)

    My UKCAT is the main area where I think I fell down (or at least this is the reason that the universities voiced.) So aye, I didn't do nearly enough preparation and tanked it, getting 577.5 average I'm going to spend considerable time getting ready for it this time, and having asked on other threads I've a basic idea of how to prepare, but any tips would be more than welcome!

    Work Experience: A week each in a GP's surgery, pharmacy and elderly home, but I think I had only done the elderly home by the time of my personal statement, so couldn't put the others on it (hadn't got confirmation that I would be able to do the others, so couldn't honestly put them down, just said that I was in the process of organising more.)

    Extra curriculars: Not going to put down all my stuff but the main ones are:

    Going to do charity work in Malawi this summer, play musical instruments (grade 7 bass, soon to be grade 8, played in various football teams, rugby teams, involved in project to create a "centre of chinese learning" in a school, had various jobs in football stadiums and removals.

    I'm taking a gap year so suggestions on what I should do to boost my application for next time would be much appreciated! I'm keen to get a job in a health related area, but I'm not sure how I'd go about doing this and how hard it would be in the current climate. I'm definitely going to do a lot of volunteer work aswell, but I'm unsure what else I should be trying to do. Cheers in advance for any help
    I'm sorry but I can't comment on your grades as I don't understand how they work. My advice is to work your guts off (even if it means no social life for the next few months) and make sure to get the best grades. (That's what I did and thank G-d I've got offers).

    Your UKCAT needs to improve. You want to make sure your clear of 600 in each module and you have the highest possible mark in every section. Don't listen to everyone who says 'you can't prepare', that's rubbish as preparation really helps. Memorise basic mathematical formulas and techniques and know how to apply them for the maths part. I highly recommend the 600Qs book, it's great. Regarding the AR, spend loads of time on it and you'll develop ways to pick up patterns..

    You should get some more primary care work experience. Definitely shadow a doctor for a week or so.
    Btw I don't think a care home comes under experience, it's more volunteering.

    Re your Gap year: Make sure to fit in some sort of volunteering for kids with disabilities, it'll give you a lot to talk about in the interview and it's really rewarding.

    I assume the reason for your rejections is your personal statement. You need to spend hours writing it and making sure it's the very best you can produce. Your hobbies are really good. (But I don't think the stadium thing is really needed-it's prob a waste of space on your PS)

    Hope this helps,


    Did you get any interviews? If so, maybe brush up on your interview-technique. Improving your UKCAT score is also a must.

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