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Are any of you just gonna end up breaking the rules to do well? watch

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    I started revising about 2 weeks ago but the ridiculous amount of stupid homework being set is just holding me back. I really wish the teachers just ****ed off, I thought 6th form was about being indipendent? If its an essay I'll do it because its practice and shows how much I know, but they set so much bull**** its annoying. Im considering stopping homework all together and doing the work I feel like. I might get in trouble but my exams are more important than their stupid worksheets. This last week I literally handed in nothing because I was revising instead.

    What also annoys me is the way study leave is organised. GCSE's seemed to be a bigger priority since they were so spread out giving me the chance to actually study. Now I have like 3 exams in one day. Thats good in the sense that 3 out of my 7 exams will be done in 1 day, but thats gonna have an impact on how well I do and how I manage my revision. Im just considering not turning up at all in the final week before study leave and just work at home. Is anyone else feeling the same?

    I'll miss 1 or 2 weeks of school before study leave, for some hard core exam prep.

    Count homework as part of your revision.
    Do more intensive revision for subjects you have first and then when those are done finish revising the others.
    If you genuinely feel you would work better by yourself then by all means do so...but sometimes the focus of routine means you're less likely to procrastinate.
    You also can't revise everything until you've finished the course, so make sure you do as much of your homework as you can so you have good notes to revise from.

    You should speak to your tutors about it. Ask them how the homework they're setting is helping with your exam and if they can't give you a reasonable answer, ask would they mind if you completed a past paper instead, or brought some revision notes to show them that you'd been working. This is what I did before my A Levels and they were fine with it, mostly.

    Some guy at my school had a massive argument with the head and head of sixth form. Parents involved, meetings etc. He pretty much demanded immediate study leave since all the topics had been taught. They refused. He asked again, eventually they said something along the lines of "Fine, but if you fail it's nothing to do with us!"

    He got an A* in Physics (not sure about others, was told to me by my physics teacher so he omitted other subjects)

    Just do whatever you think is best for you. If you get amazing grades after doing things your own way, they can't really complain.
    I completely feel your pain about homeworks, and the majority of the time I don't do all of them, and use my time in other ways, but then in some subjects the homework given can be quite beneficial. If you don't think the homework is helping, you could talk to your teachers etc. so that they understand your point of view. Then at least they would know why you aren't completing the work?

    Couldn't agree more. I just don't have the time to start revising yet with the homework i'm getting! So i've now taken to doing the homework I think will be beneficial well and all the other rubbish pretty rushed to keep them happy.

    Surely by now we know whats best for us and it's up to us how we learn!!
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