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    I'll be starting Secondary pgce in September. I'm really excited but my biggest 'worry' at the moment is the work-life balance. Is teaching really going to be as bad as everyone makes out - no social life, always marking etc? I did my undergrad degree a good few years ago now and I have been working full time so I am use to early mornings/late nights and occasional weekend work. I'm also use to the fact that to progress in most careers a lot of out of office hours are required anyway.

    Will our social life and weekends really have to suffer or will good effective time management Monday-Friday do??!!

    I am beginning my PGCE (Secondary ICT) in Septamber also.

    I expect to spend at he very minimum about 50 hours a week working - which I can do Monday-Friday.
    I fully expect that there will be times when I will work late into the night, and definitely weekends...but i still intend to make sure that I have some free time.

    If I have to do weekend work I will onlt do Sunday. I am giving myself Saturday to do with as I please.

    ...as for teaching in generaland the time commitments long term... I have lots of friends who are teachers and it very much depends on your style.

    One friend (who is now a deptuy head) worked 7.30am - 6pm. Never took work home with her and never worked weekends (unless if was before a ofsted inspection or something).... she basically worked flat out 5 days a week but then zoned out and had evenings and weekends to herself.

    ...another friendwould get to school at 8.30 and leave when classes were over...he always take work home with him - marking etc and typically did work on a sunday...but that was what worked for him and he was happy.

    I know which style I aim to emmulate.

    Off course there will be times when things don't go to plan, or you fall behind...but have plan of what you want to put (and get out) of it and try your best to stick to it.
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