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Why do I feel so horrible all of a sudden? watch

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    About 5 days ago, I got my period and ever since then I have felt extremely weird. A couple of days before I felt a bit moody and just the general PMS symptoms, but from the day I started my period I have felt depressed, disconnected from myself, stressed, ill, weirded out and like there is no point to anything. Before this I was perfectly fine - I have a lot of stress with A Levels and working for uni and just general family stuff but I have been dealing with it fine and have felt very happy and excited about what's to come in the future. Then out of no where, I suddenly start feeling like this? I can't think in my mind of anything that is so bad in my life that would make me feel like this, there are things that may upset me a little if I think about them for too long yes, but not this horrible overwhelming feeling I can't shift. Over the past week, I've had awful cramps and quite heavy period over the first day or 2, disturbing nightmares about family members dying and I keep feeling convinced that something awful is going to happen to me or someone I know, I keep thinking I have some horrible illness or something is wrong somewhere, I have had thoughts of suicide although I'd never do it, I've felt creeped out and scared and a bit disconnected from stuff going on around me... it's so so bizarre. I walked out to meet my friend last night and was waiting on my own near some trees and it was starting to get dark and I literally thought I was going to die... I felt so weird and low and a bit lightheaded and just this strange scared feeling... I can't even explain why on earth I am feeling like this. It MUST be some crazy hormones going on or something?! Because I cannot go from being fine and happy to suddenly this bad in like a day. Right now, I feel like my life is over, I can't bring myself to do work, I feel nervous and a sick stomach... it's like someone has taken over me because 5 days ago I was happy! Has anyone else had a weird experience like this? I don't know what to do


    Is it possible that you're just trying to do too much right now? That is probably the most unhelpful advice ever, but perhaps, with stress from school, work and your family, some crazy hormones could be the last straw, if you see what I mean.

    Suicide thoughts are scary, but if you know you're not going to do it, that's at least some reassurance. A horrible, overwhelming feeling, disconnection and feeling like you're about to die are things that I've experienced in the past, and it's horrible when it happens, but the good thing is that you're aware of how you're feeling, and that you're thinking about it. In my experience, feelings like that are pretty closely linked to stress.

    My advice (which is completely unprofessional and comes only from personal experience and should be taken at your own risk) would be to wait a day or two and try to figure out what's causing you to feel the way you do (if that's bearable), and if things don't settle down again, find a trusted friend or teacher to talk to. You might find that just talking about what you're experiencing is helpful. If there's no one in real life, there are always services like Samaritans and Connexions, both of which are contactable by email as well as phone.

    Hopefully this will be helpful to you


    It's just a hormone "overdose" probably brought on by all the stress in your life.
    Even if you've been dealing with the stress well, as you say you have, the fact is that you are still experiencing stress and this has had an effect on you.
    So don't worry too much about it, you should get back to normal soon. Make yourself as able to cope with stress as you can by eating well and getting enough sleep.
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