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Adding to my budgie flock... - **** or hen? watch

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    I just wanted to ask you guys what your thoughts are about me getting a **** or a hen.

    I've already got three cocks and a single hen. However the hen is a tiny little albino girl - she can be quite bossy and will give the guys a nibble if they're stood in her way and she needs to get somewhere! Otherwise she's just a little girl who's afraid of being away from her boys!

    Lucie isn't hand tamed, she's so small I fear trying to grasp her! I use a hand towel when I need to (clipping etc) she'd just rather be with the boys.

    The boys are all pretty chilled out, not really a bother on them. Bruce is handtamed to the extent that he trusts me and will come and walk onto my hand when he's ended up on the floor etc. But he's just generally quite stubborn and doesn't like to be held otherwise! Arthur is the same and will rarely sit on my boyfriends shoulder (he's a daddys boy!) and Toko is just... wants nothing to do with either of us, he's the chattiest and most playful and would want nothing more than no interaction with us humans.

    I would really like another hen, but I'm unsure as to how this would affect the dynamics of the cage, Lucie's only a tiny hen, but I imagine she might be a bit bossy with another bird - and if the new Hen is bigger, she'll get put right in her place! I'm going to sit with the budgie's for a while to get a bit of a grasp for how she reacts to other males/females in the cage.

    If any of you can come up with pros/cons about getting a male or female, please share. Any experiences are welcome too . I know my boys will welcome the others with open... wings? I'm just unsure of my little hen!

    Should probably mention how I'm hoping to really hand train this new addition, to be on par with the training that my Wonsy was at. So hopefully it will encourage the others a little bit more too. I've heard that males are generally more... "sure, ill do that!" than females, but my Wonsy was a shining star for training. Going to be keeping this new guy seperate for a while until it's good at recall and whatnot, then introduce them to the gang properly. I guess training in a different room works best as they're not distracted by the other birds?.
    Hope you can reply asap, hoping to get this new addition later today!
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