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Hello, hope somebody can give me some advise. In two weeks I have my inital interview for becoming an RAF officer, which we decide whether I am selected for Cramwell or not, whilst I have gathered and learnt alot of information on the RAF in general, E>g the aircraft, history, current operations ect; I have so far been unable to find a substantial amount of information on the specifics of the actual role I want, Fighter Controller. Can anybody advise me as to where I could uncover some information, or if this first Interview is more concerned with whether you are generally suitable to become an officer as apose to the specific role you wish to undertake.
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The interview will be in two parts, and is generally concerned with looking at you as a potential officer. However, in the second part, you'll be quizzed about the RAF, and they'll ask about initial training for officers in general, and about training in your branch. They'll want to know a little bit about the jobs you could go into as well.

Email me at [email protected] if I can help much more.
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It should be a 30 minute interview. The first half is entirely concerned with your background (family, education, jobs, hobbies, sports etc)...just make sure you have 'revised' what's on your application form and you can highlight how the things you've done have supplied you with essential skills and experiences to be a good Officer.

The second half of the interview is concerned with your motivation towards the RAF, being an Officer/NCA and the Branch/es you've chosen.

They will expect you to have a detailed knowledge of OASC, IOT, your Branch training and what you'd be doing day-to-day as an Officer in that Branch. They will also test your knowledge of Current Affairs (read the papers!) and Military Affairs. This would include things like: where does the RAF have overseas bases, can you name recent Operations, types & roles of aircraft and weapons etc.

Many people seriously underestimate the DEPTH of the answers required. Be specific and concise.

Fighter Controllers do their specialist training at RAF Boulmer (nr Newcastle). During that training they are streamed into either 'Identification' or 'Weapons' Officers. Put simply, 'Identification' is about monitoring the airspace and providing a positive identification of any aircraft that enter it. 'Weapons' officers are the people who control and co-ordinate RAF aircraft, calcualte interception etc.

The majority of Fighter Controllers are employed within the United Kingdom Improved Air Defence Ground Environment (UKIADGE) - basically working from an underground bunker at Boulmer or RAF Neatishead (nr Norwich). You can also work as part of the team on an E3d Sentry aircraft at RAF Waddington, or join 1ACC - the tactical/deployable unit. With experience, you might expect to undertake Staff or Intelligence tours, where you will utilise your knowledge of air warfare in an operational context.

Try contacting RAF Boulmer and see if someone there can organise a visit for you....'Scopies' are always glad to tell people about how important they are!!! Boulmer also has a Museum of Air Defence that's worth a visit.

If you are really stuck for info on Fighter Controller, please drop me a line..my boss is an experienced FC Officer.
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