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Third University in 2 years and the implications with SLC/Student Finance watch

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    I thought I'd write this post becuase there doesn't really seem to be anything on this topic. And the thing that got me down through this entire thing was having no definitive information on where I stood.

    I start Northumbria in September, I'm studying Law and Enviroment. I'm from Newcastle so it's just going to be so much easier in terms of finance.

    Originally I studied Politics at QMUL, but after a friend died and a range of other personal problems I decided to transfer to LSBU and study Architecture. The course was okay, the uni was okay but I just didn't want to be back in London. So I left and moved back home. Now anyone who's tried to live in London knows how horrible it can be when money is so little. It's all I ever thought about and it affected everything.

    So anyway having left I applied to a University closer to home and got an offer that I accepted. The next issue was contacting Student Finance of my withdrawal and where I stood with future funding. I've learned alot. So here's everything you will need to know.. If you fall into a similar situation.

    - If you're on a 3 year course: You get 3 years of funding plus 1 extra (incase you need to resit). If it's a 4 year course it's 5.
    - Thus, if you've had 2 years of funding you're only entitled to another 2 years. And to make it so that you don't get your third year and find you have no funding.. They count it backwards.. Thrid year, second year. So you have to cover the costs of First year yourself. Hence why moving back home is the best possible solution. Unless you work part time or something.
    - During your first year you can't get a tuition loan or a grant but you can get a maintance loan (income assessed or non-assessed). Which fortunately, will cover my tuition fee. In the future this will change because of the increase in Fees. however, if you fall into a problem don't forget you have a full year to pay the tuition fees. You don't have to pay them straight away.. So if you only get 4,000 that's still 4,000 towards your fees and the University will be more than willing to strike up a payment plan.
    - When applying for finance after withdrawing one should apply as a New Student. Not a returning student. The best thing for this is to apply via the PN1 paper form. It's just alot easier because the online form doesn't stipulate.
    - Make an arrangement to pay any overpayments - Like if you leave during a semester they will recalulate the difference and you will ahev to pay it. They're really nice when it comes to this so I pay a minimum of 20 a month. but obviously when they calculate my maintenance loan they'll take it into consideration but if I pay it off by september they'll recalculate it.
    - Don't worry. Student Finance are actually great. They've helped me alot especially as a sudden change in my application would throw me into a panic. Call them up - speak clearly. The more times you call up the better acquainted with the application you'll be. When I ring up now I go straight into giving them the customer refrence and outlining the issues with my application.

    I hope this helps someone. Good luck.

    This has been posted thousands of times.

    Instead of writing an essay you could have used the relevant formula

    Entitlement is
    length of course plus 1 year minus years already had.
    Any shortfall is from the start of the course.
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