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    Hi Guys!

    Help me please with some ideas!

    "The vocabulary we have does more than communicate our knowledge, it shapes what we can know. Evaluate this claim with reference to different areas of knowledge."

    It would be huge help if you give me some tips how to do it or how to start!

    Thanks a lot!

    T.O.K. in essence is a subject for b.s'ing around. If it were serious enough a subject they would have called it Facts of Knowledge. It's an interesting topic you have to write about, because the use of vocabulary can determine the level of fluency within a language. Because not only does it communicate more than our knowledge, but also shows the level of our ignorance.
    -You can make comparisons between native speakers and people who are learning the language.
    -How is language affected by the combining several terms and meanings to the same words.
    -The effect of secondary information (books, newspapers etc.) and how this develops an elaborate spectrum of knowledge.
    -Knowing other languages.
    -The effect of bad vocabulary in social interactions.
    - The "If everyone says it incorrectly, does than mean it's correct" theory. (example: Me and my friends. Where its supposed to be My friends and I)
    Hope it makes sense and can help you. And dont forget the T.O.K. essay only counts for 1 point so don't pull out too much hair pondering on it.

    One thing you'll probably come across whilst researching this essay is the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis/experiment - it is in every TOK textbook, mentioned in every linguistics-oriented site or book... so if I can leave with one word of advice, do not include this example in your essay - thousands of others will use it, and you want to be original when it comes to examples, right?


    The topic says vocabulary shapes what we CAN know. That's the strong from of the Sapir-Whorf and research has proven it wrong. It it was right it would mean that speakers of certain languages could never understand some concepts. This is nonsense of course. (Check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linguistic_relativity)

    Discuss your own personal experiences, and do not limit yourself with natural languages ... there is a lot to this topic. If you get stuck check out this blog there will be more suff soon.
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