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Unreasonable boyfriend? Or psycho girlfriend? watch

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    So I've been with my boyfriend for a couple of years, we plan on staying together forever and all that kind of rubbish. Recently though, I'm not sure if it is me that has changed or him.

    I'm at uni, he's at home. He does standard things like go to the pub at weekend when I'm not around, fine. But he's been going most nights after work, and we just had a conversation, and he said when we have a house, he'd go every night for a couple of pints before coming home. He also said that he avoided going in to town, so he wasn't tempted by going for a drink, then he went anyway - that strikes me as a problem?!

    Now, I know it's not a massive deal, but I just don't know if I want to be with someone like that. I know he's not an alcoholic as such, but it just seems a bit extreme to want to go every night, when you're older and supposedly settled with a family etc?

    Just having a TSR rant really

    Maybe he meant just going with a few mates to talk and wind down?

    I work in a pub in thecountryside. A lot of the men (who are all lovely, not alcoholics etc) come in each night for a pint or 2 then go home. They've all had/have families. Sometimes they don't come in, but quite often they do. They enjoy chatting to their friends and relaxing away from everything I guess.

    I do kinda see why you'd find it a bit extreme, but 1 or 2 probably won't harm, and usually they just stay 30 mins/ an hour

    doesn't mean he will. he says that now but may not want to when it comes to the time and even if he does, he might gradually go less.

    He enjoys going to the pub to unwind after work etc. each day.

    If you were offered the chance to go for a massage/spa treatment each day after work, you'd take it right?
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