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to good to be true ?! watch

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    This website iv'e come across called 'young' marmalade.

    There quoting me £8,739.13 for a brand new FORD FIESTA HATCHBACK, 1.25 Studio 3dr, one of my favorite cars at the minute, it comes with a years insurance too.



    No, it's a legit site.

    Without meaning to be intrusive £8,739 is a lot of money for what I'm guessing is a first car? (based purely on your 94 username I'm guessing you've passed recently)

    Fair enough of you can afford it, but the likelihood of a young driver crashing is quite high, two of my friends who passed recently both crashed today (one into another car, and one into a person) so it might be better to look at slightly older, slightly cheaper cars anyway.

    Back onto your original point though, be careful with companies like this, look for hidden charges and like it says on the website, if your hire purchasing rather than paying in cash, you end up paying at 14.6% variable APR meaning you could pay back a considerably higher amount than you really want.

    With the hire purchase, they also tie you to monthly payments for 60 months (or 5 years) so if you want to sell the car before the five years are up you might have an issue. Though of course if you could pay in cash this wouldn't be a problem.

    These companies often add charges to the costs which they don't make explicit when giving you the initial quote and I find it strange that they don't ask how long you've had your license or if you have any no-claims bonus before giving you a quote.

    Look around for reviews and press on the internet, but I'd say be cautious when it looks too good to be true it unfortunately tends to be.

    You're probably better off getting an older car. Your first car is likely to get into some sort of accident, or at least collect a few bumps or scrapes. For £4,000, less than half of what they're asking, you could easily get a decent used car, insure, MOT, and tax it.

    Theres also mileage limits to consider. Do these schemes rack up NCB or am I making it up that they do not?

    I wouldn't personally get one of these. Get something minging for your first car and ride out the insurance. By year early 20s (assuming youre 17) you can start to drive nice cars that actually have some decent performance. £8000 gets you a lot of car man. Fiesta, as brand new as it may be is still an entry level car. If you're willing to spend £8000 on your first car get a golf or something that you will actually enjoy. As opposed to a brand new car that looks cool for 6 months until a new reg plate comes out and its just another fiesta. Do you really want to be tied down for so long? By the time you finish paying for it you could have 5 years NCB and be insuring a real decent car.
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