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    (Original post by Ape Gone Insane)
    I've covered a few, and feel free to correct me if you disagree.

    Misconception: Medical drugs like anti-depressants make everything better

    Firstly, any good doctor should not start you off with drugs. Secondly, different anti-depressants work with different people. And lastly, they can make your life worse. You can essentially become a zombie, no depressive emotion - yes but not capable of any emotion. However, you can still get a good combination of drugs that work.

    Misconception: People who say you're just thinking negative.

    It's not as simple as that. There are actual chemical imbalances (don't know much) within your brain. You should never disregard someone's depressive problem as thinking negative, instead you should help them focus on the core of their problem - or just listen. Listening can make all the difference. Many depressed people just don't have anyone to talk to so they build up the emotion and their problems. What seems hopeless becomes more hopeless, and you're stuck in a vicious circle.

    Misconception: Depression is just a temporary mood

    People can become depressed for a short while when something negative happens, but depression is an actual condition that can last for weeks, months or even a whole lifetime.

    Misconception: Teenagers who say they have depression are just angsty
    No, (what would be diagnosed as clinical) depression does strike (a certain percentage) teenagers as well. They're just not good at showing it as adults.

    Misconception: It's there for life
    No, treatment of it can eradicate it completely

    Misconception: Just a mood, not a serious condition
    It can increase the likelihood of suicidal thoughts (and from that suicidal actions), self-harm, lack of willpower and negativity - and the resulting effect that has on activities and relationships.
    I must say that this is pretty thorough :yy: Don't know if you have been through it yourself but having gone through, and still doing so I can pretty much agree with everything you have said.

    Also, with regards to the tablets. I felt 'zombiefied' on them and have basically just finished weaning myself off them. I lack emotion enough as it is without having an emotional suprressor.

    Oh I would also add to your list that health carers, whether counsellors or therapists are actually helpful!

    I went to see my one about 4 months after being diagnosed and after each session I actually felt proper happiness for the first time in probably 5/6 years. I went in there with the attitude (and actually saying it to her, as she asked ), that I thought it would be a waste of time as she couldn't exactly tell me anything I don't already know.

    (Original post by Ape Gone Insane)
    Thanks. Yeah, I've been through it and still am, but I don't talk about it much online.

    Yup, I'd agree with that. Even though tablets or the right combination of drugs can have a positive effect on some, a counsellor or therapist can have an equally positive effect. A lot of friends, including myself, have discounted therapists in the same manner as you - and it's really great to see someone post about it working.
    I think with therapy etc you need to be completely honest with yourself and with the other person. I basically spend 99% of my time telling people I am ok. Whereas with my therapist they would be given everything, without any of the bull****.
    The good thing was, she was a forceful personality so I respected her and her opinion. Whereas someone 'weak' would have probably been insulted and beaten at my first remark of saying counsellors are pretty useless.

    I do miss not seeing her but I only had 30 minute sessions with her and she wanted me to see someone about 'core beliefs' or something who could do longer sessions and get a bit more in-depth.

    One thing I really struggle with as a side effect of my depression is instant communication with people I know Phone calls, texts and emails can take me hours/days to reply to even if I want to reply to them lol.

    I must say though, I have found being open with myself and others about my depression has really helped me. I had felt the same way for about 6 years and it was only last year I finally admitted it to myself and others. It was such a relief! And when I have spoken to others they have seemed genuinely interested to hear me talk about it and explain my feelings etc to them.

    I think depression might be starting to lose its stigma in a lot of society now
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